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Grozinger Law, P.A. Proud Recipient Of Avvo’s Clients’ Choice 2014 For Criminal Defense, Dui, Domestic Violence And Juvenile Crime Law Practice

Grozinger Law, P.A. Proud Recipient Of Avvo’s Clients’ Choice 2014 For Criminal Defense, Dui, Domestic Violence And Juvenile Crime Law Practice

Orlando, FL – Spearheaded by attorney Patrick Grozinger, Florida-based Grozinger Law, P.A. is the proud recipient of Avvo’s Clients’ Choice recognition for 2014 in the areas of criminal defense, DUI, domestic violence and juvenile crime practice. This recognition reflects Grozinger’s impeccable track record for prosecuting thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases in both Orange and Osceola counties and for his work as a DUI legal specialist. Boasting extensive knowledge and trial experience in all cases running the gamut from simple traffic tickets to complex felony cases, Grozinger is dedicated to protecting the Constitutional rights of his clients, as well as to providing them with the courtesy, respect and professionalism they deserve.

“Being accused of a crime, regardless of its severity, leaves us feeling angry and confused,” explains Grozinger. “The weight of government prosecution isn’t easy to bear, but with the right criminal defense team – like that of Grozinger Law – on their side, clients can rest assured knowing their reputations and future prospects will be fiercely defended. It is important to remember that an arrest is not evidence of a crime; a skillful defense lawyer can often times prove innocence in a court of law. From the moment our clients select Grozinger Law as their criminal defense team, we do everything in our power to protect their rights and provide skilled guidance in all legal matters.”

In being recognized as an Avvo’s Clients’ Choice firm for 2014, Grozinger Law, P.A. offers a myriad of criminal defense services in the DUI, domestic violence and juvenile crime areas in addition to handling drug crimes, theft charges, burglary, sealing and expungment of records, probation violations, white collar crime, weapons and firearms offenses, assault/battery and violent crimes, bar defense, out-of-state defendants/tourist arrests, federal offenses, sex crimes and marijuana possession charges.

The team at Grozinger Law, P.A. point out that driving while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs – both prescription and illegal – is considered to be DUI offense, and that refusal to provide a sample or positive breath/blood test results do not guarantee a criminal conviction. “A good defense lawyer will help establish and defend the true facts of a case in these matters,” says Grozinger.

Further, the Grozinger Law team, in representing those accused of domestic violence, protects its clients charged with a range of aggressive acts, physical and psychological, carried out on a household member; according to Grozinger himself, both male and female clients arrested for domestic violence offenses receive a skilled legal defense team dedicated to dismissing or resolving all charges.

Classified as “juvenile offenses,” legal violations enacted by minors – those under 18 years of age — are only considered to be illegal when undertaken by minors; a good example of this, say Grozinger Law representatives, is truancy and underage possession and consumption of alcohol, considered common juvenile offenses. In these cases, skillful representation of minor defendants as practiced by Grozinger Law experts ensures a clean record and positive future for those accused of juvenile offenses.

“Even before a trial begins, Grozinger Law defends each of our clients’ rights and ensures that the legal formalities are carried out justly and with the minimum amount of inconvenience to their lives,” concludes Grozinger. “By acting quickly and securing a defense attorney as soon as possible, a defendant is placed in the best possible position to fight and protect their reputations and futures.”

Grozinger Law, P.A. is located at 1217 East Robinson Street Suite B in Orlando, FL and can be reached by calling (407) 730-3085. For more information visit

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