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Guest & Brady Attorneys At Law Expertly Providing Personal Attention, Professionalism And Exceptional Communication

Guest & Brady Attorneys At Law Expertly Providing Personal Attention, Professionalism And Exceptional Communication

Greenville, SC – Guest & Brady LLC, Attorneys at Law, based in and serving the Greenville, South Carolina area, primarily comprises three legal experts who specialize in specific areas of counsel. Russell Guest focuses on personal injury, worker’s compensation, automobile accidents, wrongful death and more while Kevin Brady concentrates on residential and commercial real estate transactions, investments and development contracts. Richard Allen practices civil litigation, personal injury, family law, probate, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, construction and mechanics liens and criminal defense involving DUI and drug offenses.

“As a personal injury lawyer in Greensville, SC, I know all too well that in any vehicle or motorcycle collision, the situation is terrifying and life-altering,” says Guest. “Even small accidents can result in thousands of dollars in damages and personal injury. By letting Guest & Brady assist them, our clients can rest assured knowing we do not leave their compensation to chance and to the whims of insurance companies.”

Beyond personal injury counsel, which represents the majority of Guest & Brady LLC’s cases, the firm more routinely focuses on matters in the areas of worker’s compensation, wrongful death, tractor trailer accidents, defective products, investment visas, nursing home injuries, social security disability and Mesothelioma. Further, Guest & Brady assists a plethora of clients with general law practice needs such as wills, immigration, business concerns and divorce/family law.

In the area of real estate legalities, attorney Kevin Brady explains the benefits of hiring Guest & Brady for complex transactions: “Buying real estate can be an exciting time – or a disaster. These transactions are often one of the single-largest purchases in a person’s lifetime and as such, we boast the experience to help ensure these transactions go smoothly and quickly while avoiding pitfalls.”

As a legal team providing counsel for clients involved in tractor trailer accidents in Greenville, SC, Guest & Brady LLC understands exactly what makes these types of accidents different from those involving automobiles. As commercial vehicles, tractor trailers are held to higher standards and most of the time result in accidents much worse in scope compared to car-on-car crashes; not only because of the size of the truck, say Guest & Brady representatives, but because the car is so small in comparison. According to statistics analyzed by the firm’s legal team, in accidents involving a commercial truck, 86-percent of fatalities and 77-percent of those injured are the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles involved in the crash.

“In the aftermath of an accident, victims are left confused, scared and traumatized,” adds Guest. “Those who are involved in an accident with a tractor trailer need an experienced attorney to properly investigate, and Guest & Brady ensures these types of cases are handled properly.”

Guest & Brady LLC, Attorneys at Law is located at 900 East North Street #210 in Greenville, SC and can be reached by calling (864) 233-7200. For more information visit

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