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Hair extensions made of natural human hair are real

Hair extensions made of natural human hair are real

Wearing extensions is a great way to change haircuts but the extensions should be natural. It isn’t a necessity but a condition for wearing extensions. A hair extension that is artificial is unsafe for your hair. But there is no such apprehension with natural product.

What is a natural product?

Extension made with natural human hair is a natural product. Raw material for making extensions is collected from donors from across the globe. Raw tresses so collected are shipped to extension makers who treat the raw locks to make them suitable for use in extensions. Since they are all human products, they pose no health hazard to users.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of wearing natural extension is to get natural look. The extension looks real as it is made from real human hair collected from donors. Natural tresses have good shelf life and they respond to the touch. A real extension can be used like real tresses. Real extension would mix and match perfectly with your locks and in this way it would provide you a natural look.

How a real extension changes looks?

It would provide length and volume to your locks. Your tresses would look voluminous after getting a matching extension. Find matching extension for your hair and change your haircut in a hassle free manner. There would be no difficulty in wearing an extension. You only need clipping the extension to your hair and clipping can be done without any help. Once clipped, the extension would remain on your hair until it is removed.

Select a haircut that matches with your face shape and then choose the extension that can change your haircut. For instance, you can choose to wear a long haircut or keep length of your hair up to your shoulders. It is called Bob cut and it suits to most face shapes. Or you can find one in the range of natural curly hair extensions.

Real extensions come in natural colors including light brown and jet black. Find the extension whose color matches with your hair color and choose the haircut that matches with your face shape on . Keep these two factors in mind when choosing an extension and always buy a real human hair extension.

How to find a real extension?

Natural product would be Remy. You would find all the strands pointing or running towards one direction from top to bottom. There would be no shine on the hair strands as natural hair doesn’t have shine. But the most convenient way to buy a real extension is to buy it from a reliable store. Real hair extensions come in different styles to suit individual needs. If your face shape is triangular then you should buy kinky curly hair extension.

What is the cost of an extension?

Cost of hair extensions vary from one product to another. Cost is determined on the volume and length of hair. Real hair is expensive in comparison to their artificial counterparts but one should buy real extension only.

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