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Hair Salon NYC Just Announced They Open on Sunday, Early & Late Hours for Busy Customers

Hair Salon NYC Just Announced They Open on Sunday, Early & Late Hours for Busy Customers

New York City, New York, United States; 15, October 2015: Good news for the busy folks of the New York City who often find little time for grooming and personal care. New York based Prestige Hair Salon has now extended their working hours with an objective to serve the city residents who have very busy schedules. The salon will now open early at 7.30am and will close late at night. Moreover, the hair salon will remain open on Sundays as well.

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The owners of the hair salon reveal that customers have welcomed their Hair Salon Open Sunday decision, which will give them more time and flexibility for self grooming. The salon offers a range of salon services for men and women that includes haircuts, coloring, highlights and blowouts. They have a team of trained and experienced hair care specialists who recommend the best and the most suitable hairstyles that can suit one’s personality. They have different types or men’s and women’s haircuts, allowing customers to transform their hairstyle and the overall looks.

The midtown hair salon caters to the hair styling needs of a number of men and women on a daily basis. With their extended working hours, they will be able to serve more customers, particularly who leave early for work and return late. One of the hairstylists of the salon reveals, “With our Hair Salon Open Early schedule, we will be able to serve those customers who are always in a hurry because of their busy work schedule. Since we open early they will have time to choose the best hairstyle with patience and we will also be able to offer them the precise service that they always deserve,”

Customers can now book appointments with hair stylists in advance and can take advantage of their hair salon services during the chosen hours. The extended hours of the Hair Salon Open are drawing the attention of more and more city residents and this is the reason why one should think of advance booking to avoid the rush and the wait time. To book an appointment, one may visit the website http://www.hairsalonnycity.com.

About Prestige Hair Salon:

Prestige Hair Salon is the New York City’s premiere hair salon for men and women. The salon’s highly trained staff exceeds customer expectations and provides them with the haircut and styling they are looking for. For over twenty years, Prestige Salon has been offering the highest quality services to its customers. They always educate themselves with the latest techniques to insure highest quality and care.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: (646) 572-9111
Email: info@hairsalonnycity.com
Website: http://www.hairsalonnycity.com

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