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Hairline Illusions Wears the Crown of the Most Expensive Wigs in the World

Hairline Illusions Wears the Crown of the Most Expensive Wigs in the World

Wigs, crowns or units whatever you label them, as the fortunes of the well heeled continue to grow; there is no limit they will stop at to own the most outrageously expensive luxury goods. With a two-year waiting list, Hairline Illusions Black Label wigs are designed for the uber-luxury lifestyle , and include one-of-a-kind rare collected human hair crafted on an exclusive base that disappears next to most complexions.

Whether it’s for memorabilia an accessory or necessity the popularity of wigs have grown substantially throughout the years. From Andy Warhol’s $10,800 signature silver wig to Hairline Illusions sought after $50,000 Black Label, these exclusive wigs are available for sale are relatively made with genuine human hair.  The price of the wigs is determined by the celebrity whom wore it if auctioned or the ethnic source of hair, and whether or not the hair wigs has just been cured with some chemicals colored or permed somewhat formerly.

Here is basic explanation of the natural most costly hair wigs. Actually just pondered about what world’s most costly wigs might look like or who could possibly have used it? To fall within the classification wig will only have to be relatively pretty unique, it is also just prone to be customized but most importantly, and it should fit in with some special person or has just been used for special event. Here is countdown to some of the world’s costly wigs of to be ever offered. You may surprised by current innovator?

Most Expensive Wigs Of All Occasions

Worth $10,800 – £5,900 (Christies 2006)

Used by legendary 60s put artist known as Andy Warhol who was just obsessed with popularity, the image as well as the celebrity. Short platinum style wigs soon just became important part of the signature style throughout 60s until his death in late 80s, though Warhol initially just wore the wigs to hide the receding hairline. This wig has own 15 minutes of the fame when it was sold at the Christie in year 2006 for the somewhat iconic price tag.

Most Expensive Wigs Of All Times

Worth $16,000 – £10,000 (Heritage Auctions, Texas 2011)

The magnificently designed wig was only used by Queen of the Hollywood known as Elizabeth Taylor for the character as the Cleopatra in year 1963. 40 wigs were just required for one of most costly movie that was ever produced, and three copies of the specific wig were used just throughout the shooting. Made by and properly stored by high profile wig maker, known as Stanley Hall, one copy just survived to be offered in the Heritage Auctions, Texas for your king’s ransom.

Most Expensive Wigs in the World

Worth $50,000 – £31,814 (Hairline Illusions Black Label Wigs )

These  wigs are known to be well-crafted hairpieces manufactured to your exact specifications using high-tech computer simulation with the finest materials. Your order even comes with a personal care consultant who works hand in hand with Egypt Lawson who is a Hairline Illusions master wig builder and can take 6 months to a year to create.

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