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Haverland presents State-of-the-Art Electric Radiators and Heaters

Haverland presents State-of-the-Art Electric Radiators and Heaters

Buckinghamshire; 04, February 2016: The need to keep homes and/or offices warm and cozy, particularly during the winter months does not need to be exaggerated. At the same time, it has to be borne in mind that maintaining the warmth of living environments should not come at the cost of inflated energy bills. Therefore the selection of energy-efficient and cost-effective electric radiators is imperative so that habitats remain livable, heating costs do not spiral out of control and most significantly, the environment remains unpolluted. Towards this end, opting for Haverland electric heating appliances makes sense as the OEM specializes in the fabrication and distribution of such electrical systems.

For over 40, years Marsan Industrial has been manufacturing electric towel rails and heaters, electric radiators, electronic patio and deck heaters, and central heating modules with single-minded dedication. Over the years, the establishment has scrupulously developed a steadfast clientele comprising nearly 4000 commercial institutions spread in over 30 countries. The commercial organization is virtually a leader in the electric heating equipment industry as it has pioneered research and development in this field to come up with revolutionary products time and again. Marsan Industrial has a manufacturing site with an area exceeding 70, 000m2 where the deliverables are assembled and packaged.

Haverland electric radiators have been designed and produced with painstaking care enabling these to radiate heat optimally in the area where they’re installed. These radiators can be set up both as standalone heaters or can be integrated with centralized heating mechanisms in domestic and industrial settings. Furthermore, they not only heat up rapidly but are convenient to monitor as well largely because of their aluminum structure imparted using injection-molding manufacturing technology. The groundbreaking form factor also makes sure that the heaters and radiators operate efficiently thereby keeping energy costs to a minimum. Haverland manufactures and supplies three distinct types of electric radiators-dry stone, ceramic and fluid-flowing. Fluid radiators are filled with either water or oil and then sealed hermetically before assemblage. Ceramic radiators have bodywork constructed out of ceramic material and are perfect for areas where space is at a premium. Ceramic radiators can also be installed easily on a sill or table.

However, it is the dry-stone radiator that is the most advanced and technically upgraded offering from Haverland. The dry-stone heater boasts of an ergonomic and compact design which means it occupies minimal installation space. On the other, it comes outfitted with a fully automated, digitalized thermostat rendering it highly energy efficient as well as making it extremely safe to operate. Its construction also makes it comfortable to install in any section of the room and it is also maintenance-free.

Year 2015 was hugely prospective Marsan Industrial as it processed bulk orders of not only its existing customers but also clinched deals with new clients. The company is also looking forward to doing good business in 2016 as it is planning to launch inventive products to buttress its market share.

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Marsan Industrial is a firm based in Buckinghamshire that has been fabricating a diverse range of electrical heating appliances for use across domestic and commercial sectors.

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