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Heartthrob entrepreneur – pride of our film industry:

Heartthrob entrepreneur – pride of our film industry:

Movie Clickz team spent a worthy time penning the article about a person who is achieving so many heights both ON & OFF screen. we took this opportunity to learn more about him. He is accomplishing everything that he wished to do in his life. He is not only a charming actor of Indian Film Industry but also an Inspiration to all of us. This week, we are really happy to present ever charming Actor cum Entrepreneur Arvind Swamy as our honored Star of the Week. Can’t wait to present more details about him to you all.

Joyful Childhood & the Game Changing coffee Ad:

Every adopted child in this world is special. Arvind Swamy was too adopted by V.D. Swamy who was a freedom fighter and an influential Industrialist and his mother was a Bharathanatyam dancer Vasantha Swamy. This couple adopted Arvind swamy from his biological father, actor Delhi Kumar. He was raised in a huge farm house which was a natural environment near Poonamale, Chennai. During his school days, they used to transport Milk cans to a place near Woodlands Hotel in Chennai and Arvind swamy used to commute through it sometimes.


Arvind swamy is an alumnus from the prestigious Loyola College, where he pursued his B.com degree. During the college times he had a chance of doing Ad films to save some money in his wallet for his personal expenditure. He did the Ad film for Leo coffee and no one forgets it, because of the benchmark music composed by A.R.Rahman. Wish to watch to the nostalgic ad again?

He was not completely into modeling and never thought to pursue acting as a career. He wished to be a Doctor but his parents intended him to complete Masters in business and take care of their family business. He obliged and completed Masters in Business at Wake Forest University in North California in the year 1993.

Grand Entry to Tamil Cinema like a Boss:

During the year 1991 he was auditioned for the film Thalapathi by the acclaimed film maker of Indian Film Industry, Mr. Mani Ratnam. Arvind swamy proved himself as an actor by sharing the screen space with acting giants Superstar Rajinikanth and Mamooty. In a recent interview with Actor Booskey, Arvind swamy said he wasn’t nervous to share the screen space with the legendary actors. Even that was his first time; he had the urge to try something he has never done in his life by investing time in learning it. This is the best character that an Entrepreneur must have in life. The huge break in his life was offered in the subsequent year 1992 by Mani Ratnam himself to portray him as the lead role for the movie Roja which broke the shackles at the time by touching upon the subject of terrorism which most others declined. Arvind Swamy’s parents were against it since they wished to complete his master degree. At this moment Mani Ratnam himself convinced them to allow doing the lead role. After the shoot for the movie he respected his parents and left to pursue his Masters in Business. At the release of the movie he wasn’t in India.

Auditioned to be a Heartthrob in Limelight:

Roja was the huge entry that made him the Heartthrob of kollywood fans. The movie was also listed in Times Magazine for it Music composed by the legend A.R. Rahman. Aravind Swamy has become the house hold name and he eventually became “Dream Boy” for most of the teenage fans.

Unfortunately his parents passed away in the year 1993 and that was a huge loss for him. By passing all this with his will power, Arvind Swamy stepped into Malayalam Industry in 1992 and acted in a film named Daddy. In 1993 he completed Thalattu and Marupadiyum. Apart from movies he also was keen in building a company to fulfill his dreams. In the year 1995, he gave another huge hit, Bombay sketched by Mani Ratnam which was the second movie in his terrorism trilogy after Roja. Aravind swamy rendered his voice in Tamil for Shah Rukh Khan in the movie “Uyire” which was also from Mani Ratnam’s camp.

Blended Acting & Business with Perfection:

Rajiv Menon the well-known cinematographer came up with the story of Minsaara kanavu which was a character based fun filled movie with an intense climax performed by our Star actor. This scene still remains as one of his career BEST performance. He shared the screen space with Prabhu Deva, Nassar and bollywood queen Kajol. He also set foot in Bollywood in the year 1998 with Saat Rang Ke Sapne and Raja Ko Rani se Pyar ho Gaya during 2000. He did very few movies since he had lot to fulfill his dream in shaping him as an Entrepreneur. Mani Ratnam again offered him a cameo role in the much acclaimed romantic drama Alaipayuthey( 2000) in which he paired opposite Kushboo. He then took a long break from the film Industry and went on to become a full time businessman. He was once again approcahed by Mani Ratnam for a character oriented role in Kadal(2013) along with Gautam karthik and actor Arjun. He played the role of a church Father for which he lost close to 19kgs in 2 months of intense training.

Most Stylish Villian – Magic Screen Presence:

Aravind Swamy is one person who will not hesitate to try his hands at different things and accept challenges put forth upon him. Director Raja approached him with a script in which his character has high dosage of Negative shades. He accepted the offer and prepared himself to portray “Siddharth Abhimanyu” as the most stylish villain Tamil cinema ever witnessed. Since the fans never saw him like this before, they started celebrating his character and took it to new heights. Social media is full of praises for this role and the fans went crazy in theatres. The movie is still running successfully all over Tamil Nadu and the remake rights have been sold to bigger prices, thanks to our Star’s majestic screen presence.

Arvind Swamy as a successful Entrepreneur

Arvind Swamy was following the growth of IT industry in India. His first venture was with the idea of Payroll systems. He has a unique character that he loves to learn new things. He served as the chairman and managing director of Prolease India and InterPro until 2005 and that of his company Talent Maximum which he started in 2005 related to Payroll Processing, Staffing, HR Services and Employee Administration. His father was the main reason to form the Sankara Nethralya foundation.

By following his footsteps he has been involved in several organizations to help the disabled people and even he mentioned about an organization named VidyaSagar when he participated in Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi hosted by Actor Prakash Raj. In which we came to know that Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand was his schoolmate and a good friend helping this organization with Arvind Samy. The money he won was donated to it.
Hard times turned positive.

The companies he managed made huge revenue in the global market in just 5 years. Unfortunately he met with an accident and was paralyzed. Not many people knew it until he revealed during an interview. He is under medication for more than a year and he didn’t waste time instead he sharpened his brain by solving mathematical problems. He use to play chess continuously for thirty games in a day, this he practiced from child hood and once he met on stage with Vishwanathan Anand during his school times.

Arvind Samy – The Thani Oruvan

The latest flick blow our mind by playing a role of a business man with all evil contained. According to him, there is nothing in this world that you can’t do. Believing in you and spending time to learn it is the best thing than competing it. When Mr.Sreedhar Pillai, Film critic asked about his next projects he said he’s not sure. He has a lot to do with his business and he is building apps to benefit his customers but a good role will never be denied.
He is such a humble person with great self-confidence. Searching a meaning for his life and exploring the different possibilities with the time he got. We are really inspired and proud to present about the different side of this multi-talented personality. We from Movieclickz team are really excited to see you in more movies and wishing you all success in the coming years. Good luck.

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