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Herbal World: The Key to a Fitter Existence

Herbal World: The Key to a Fitter Existence

Weight is one of the foremost concerns of the modern-day citizens. Maintaining a healthy B.M.I., going on a diet to prevent love handles from emerging, doing frantic morning push-ups to keep the paunch down, scanning the television advertisements, etc. are the order of the day. Overall, the worry of preventing the kilograms from piling on is one of the things that leave a perpetual frown on our foreheads. But now, worry no more! Herbal World, a company dealing with herbal products, has built a strong consumer base in South Africa owing to its super-successful and effective weight loss products, is now here to wipe out all your weight worries. Through their multiple packages of oral weight loss shakes and energy-and-performance-boosting drinks, they make sure that consumers are left with a contented smile on their faces and busily recommending their products to others.

They have separate products and programme packages geared at weight loss, energy gaining, sports and fitness boosting, and skin and hair enriching. The first part contains options such as ‘Mini programmes’ consisting of formula meals and herb tablets; a ‘Multi-fibre Drink’ to assist in digestion; a ‘Mini-programme Plus (+)’—an improvement on the first package but with an added herbal beverage; a Basic, Advance and Ultimate Programme; Gourmet Tomato Soup; and endless more.

Over to their ‘Energy and Vitality’ section, where you get options such as a Healthy Breakfast Pack,  Formula 1 Healthy meal, Formula-1 Express Meal Bars and Aloe Concentrate. Likewise, their ‘Sports and Energy’ section is filled with Endurance and Strength programmes. Their products come with an array of choices in terms of flavours and grains. When combined with the prescribed exercise schedules and DIY machinery, it works like magic on your body and charts a wondrous transformation. And just to sweeten the deal, they have discount offers and opportunities galore! To find out more please visit: http://www.herbalworld.co.za/

About Herbal World
Gideon Basson, an independent Herbalife distributor for over 14 years. The Herbal World store offers 24 service and same day or next day delivery of any product that you order anywhere in South Africa. You can order online from their website or order by dialling +27 (0)861 073 076.

9 monte vista, 106 Campbell road
craigavon, Johannesburg 2021

office: +27 (0)861 073 076
cell: +27 (0)82 677 6988

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