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High-Availability Server Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2016 to 2026

High-Availability Server Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2016 to 2026

In Information technology, high availability system means any system or device capable of doing continuously work for a long period of time without failure or breakdown. As server consists of various parts such as various hardware and software, therefore in order to make a server high availability server, all the parts used in server must be designed to meet high availability criteria. These parts should be well designed and thoroughly tested before implementing in high availability server. In short, high availability server can be defined as a server that provides high flexibility, great stability, reliability and higher speed with a zero probability of system failure. For storage purpose, redundant arrays of independent disk (RAID) approach is popular one used in high availability server and recently invented “storage area network” (SAN) is the latest approach being used in high availability server. High availability server has wide applications in banking, financial services and insurance, telecommunications services and others which work with a critical data all the time and the system failure in such organizations can cause big loss for the organizations. Therefore the demand for high-availability server is increasing from different vertical and is expected to grow with a tremendous CAGR over forecast period.

High-Availability Server Market: Dynamics

Now a days, research and development is more oriented towards advanced and true fault tolerant infrastructure. The high-availability server market acquires a great potential across various applications. The key drivers responsible in the growth of high-availability server market include the high adoption rate of high–availability server by banking, financial services and insurance because of the advantageous features provided by these high–availability servers such as low or almost zero risk of system failure that enables organizations to run their business without interruptions, protect companies from lost revenue when process of accessing their business application and data resources get disrupted. On the contrary side higher installation cost of high-availability server, lack of awareness are proving to be the key restraints hindering the growth of global high-availability server market.

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High-Availability Server Market: Segmentation

Segmentation of high-availability server market is done on the basis of availability level, operating system, verticals and Geography. On the basis of availability level of high-availability server, high-availability server market is segmented into availability level 1, availability level 2, availability level 3, availability level 4 and availability level 5. These level has been segmented on the basis of configuration of servers such as number of virtual CPUs, storage capacity of HDD and also the size of Random Access Memory (RAM), which may vary application to application.

On the basis of operating system, segmentation of high-availability server market is done as; windows, UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD and others (CentOS, Desbian and Fedora). Among all these operating systems, windows operating system based high-availability server segment is dominant over the rest of OS based servers.

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On the basis of vertical, global high-availability server market is segmented into banking, financial services and insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail sector, healthcare and medical and public sector. In terms of revenue, among all the above given vertical, BFSI vertical is estimated to be a dominant segment of the market.

On the basis of Geography, segmentation of high-availability server market is done as;  North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), and Middle East and Africa (MEA). Among which, North America is having largest market share of high-availability server and Asia Pacific is the second largest market of high-availability server & Asia Pacific is expected to become a leader of market of high-availability server by the end of forecasting period.

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High-Availability Server Market: Key Players

The key players of the high-availability server market are CenterServ, International Business Machines Corporation, Dell Inc., HP Development Company, L.P., NEC Corporation, Unisys Global Technologies, Oracle Corporation and other.

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