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High Pressure Processing (HPP) For Rice And Grain Market  Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2016-2026 by FMI

High Pressure Processing (HPP) For Rice And Grain Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2016-2026 by FMI

High pressure processing (HPP) is ‘non-thermal’ food preservation and sterilization technique, which has been developed to avoid chemical and thermal preservation of food. High pressure processing is also known as Pascalization or bridgmanization or high hydrostatic pressure (HHP), or ultra-high pressure (UHP). It is a natural and environmental friendly process that doesn’t alter foods original properties such as flavor, color or texture. It is proved as a successful and safe alternative for traditional chemical and thermal preservation techniques.

From 1990’s HPP technique is popularly being used in Japan and other part of Asia. Initially it was being used only for preservation of juices, jellies and jams. But considering market demand for naturally preserved foods and benefits of HPP, the technique is now popular for preservation of almost all the food products such as salads, fish and meat, seafood, yogurts, rice cakes, grains etc.

Increasing market demand for naturally preserved food is market driver for high pressure processing food technique. When HPP is used for rice and grains processing, the allergen protein releases from rice grains and makes rice allergen free.

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High Pressure Processing (HPP) For Rice & Grain Market Segmentation

High pressure processing market can be segmented on the basis of processing equipment type such as semi-continues equipment, and batch processing equipment. Bach processing is mainly used for pre-packaged food and semi-continuous process is used for foods in pumpable liquid form. In rice and grains processing semi-continuous process is used popularly.

High pressure processing (HPP) market is later segmented on the basis of production scale as small scale, mid-scale and large scale production. Large scale production is normally used in developed markets, where as mid-scale and small scale are getting popular in developing markets. High pressure processing market is further segmented on the basis of region as, Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Japan, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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High Pressure Processing (HPP) For Rice & Grain Global Market Drivers & Trends

Rising natural and safe food demand from rapidly growing global population is major factor driving market demand for HPP for rice & grains. As HPP breaks down the allergic protein content of rice and grains and makes it safe for consumption, food processing industries are concentrating on High pressure processing of rice and grains.

Not only the allergens removal properties, but other preservation advantages such as shelf life extension, greater quality, destroyed pathogens etc. are other factors attracting producers and fueling market demand for HPP technique for rice and grains.

Moreover to meet the safe and natural food demands of the 21st century consumer, the global food industry is rapidly moving toward product innovative and new product development through new processing methods. HPP for rice and grains is one of them, gaining significant market demand.

In regional outlook of high pressure processing for rice and grain market, Japan and Asia Pacific Excluding Japan are major players in HPP for rice and grain market, as being major producer and consumers of rice and grains. As U.S. FDA has accepted commercial use of HPP for low acid foods like grains and rice, North America is considered as another major market as well as with increasing consumer demand for non-synthetic natural food preservation methods, Europe has also adapted HPP techniques for rice and grain, and for many other food products such as juices, bakery products, jams, jellies etc. In Europe and North America markets, HPP is widely used for juices and beverages processing.

However Middle East and Africa markets are still in their nascent stage of development in HPP for rice and grains.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) For Rice & Grain Market Key Players:

All rice and grain producers and other food manufacturers cannot afford to purchase high cost HPP machines. And therefore to facilitate some market player providing HPP on commercial tolling basis to the food manufacturing industries, includes American Pasteurization Company, Avure HPP Food Processing, High Pressure Process Tolling Ltd., Stay Fresh Foods, Hormel Foods, Motivatit, APA Processing, Raw Pressery etc. However few major market players providing HPP machinery and technology includes Kobe steel co. ltd, Hoiperbaric S.A, Amec ,Next HPP etc.

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