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HiLin Life Products New KNOWHEN Website Shows Women The Secret To Unlocking Their Personal Fertility Code

HiLin Life Products New KNOWHEN Website Shows Women The Secret To Unlocking Their Personal Fertility Code

Newark, New Jersey – March 31, 2016 — HiLin Life Products’ newly launched website, gives women greater access to the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their personal fertility and family planning. It complements and also features the company’s popular KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test and Fertility Monitor App, recently recognized as one of the most useful Medical Apps available.

“We remain loyal to our mission to reach women trying to conceive or searching for a natural family planning solution,” says Helen Denise, the founder of HiLin Life Products. “Women need to know that with the right information, they have the power within their reach to control their personal fertility and naturally expedite the conception process. Our newly launched website demonstrates our ongoing commitment to addressing women’s issue and providing them with cutting edge solutions.”

KNOWHEN® new website

The new KNOWHEN® website features resources for women Trying to Conceive and Avoiding Pregnancy, along with facts about their body and how it works that women should know.  Topics and blogs on Men’s infertility, the benefits of sex and statistics on the advantages of using cutting edge Saliva Ovulation Testing versus older methods such as urine testing are also included.

Users will also be pleased with the new site’s layout, design, ease-of-use and ability to quickly find information even when on a mobile device such as a cellphone or iPad. The focus is on achieving a more advanced yet mobile and user-friendly website that addresses the needs of women and their fertility.

About HiLin Life Products

Incorporated in 2009, this vibrant company was established to help women with problems regarding their fertility, infertility, unplanned pregnancies, among other health issues. With a market of over two billion women all over the world, HiLin Life has been creating next-generation products incorporating a holistic natural approach with scientific accuracy that empowers women’s health.

The company’s KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test has a clinically proven accuracy rate of over 98% in the USA and is reusable for years. The personal Fertility Monitor App that comes with the kit, allows women to carefully plan their sexual activity and to have the most accurate tracking of their ovulation cycle. Compared to other Ovulation or Fertility Apps, only the KNOWHEN® Fertility Monitor App tracks ovulation cycles based on a daily recording of actual test results.  Results are stored on a secured server and privately accessible by the user for years.

HiLin Life Products is located at 211 Warren St, Suite 211, Newark, New Jersey 07103, United States. For more information on its products, visit their website at, call 1.973.648.0265 or send an email to

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