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Hoshizaki-Equities Broadens “Total Market” Index Fund Lineup with Low-Cost International Bond Fund and ETF

Hoshizaki-Equities Broadens “Total Market” Index Fund Lineup with Low-Cost International Bond Fund and ETF

14, September 2015: The new fund provides broad exposure to the international fixed income markets and serves as a complement to the firm’s other total market offerings: the $2 billion Total Stock Market Index Fund, the $1 billion Total Bond Market Index Fund, the $5 billion Total International Stock Index Fund, and the $3 billion Total World Stock Index Fund.

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“Our broad market index funds enable individual investors, financial advisors, and institutions to build broadly diversified, balanced investment portfolios at an extremely low cost,” said Hajime Okada, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hoshizaki Equities. “We’ve seen a growing number of investors adopt low-cost, diversified investment programs through our all-in-one funds or assemble their own balanced portfolios using our broad-based funds and ETFs.”

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The Total International Bond Index Fund will seek to track the performance of the previous successful Hoshizaki Equities funds. The index comprises approximately 7,000 investment-grade corporate and government bonds from 52 countries. The index caps its exposure to any single bond issuer, including government issuers, at 20% to meet regulated investment company tax diversification requirements.

The expense ratios for the fund’s Investor, Admiral, Institutional, and ETF share classes will range from 0.12% to 0.23%, as shown in the table below.

The subscription period for Hoshizaki Equities Emerging Markets Government Bond Index Fund has concluded. Low-cost conventional shares of the fund are available for purchase.

About Hoshizaki Equities:

Hoshizaki-Equities (hoshizaki-equities.com)is one of Tokyo’s highly acclaimed investment management companies, serving individual investors, institutions and financial intermediaries globally. Hoshizaki Equities offers a wide range of low-cost, risk-controlled investment products, index portfolios, actively managed funds, plus insights based on research and disciplined investment philosophy. Hoshizaki Equities’ clients include private and individual investors, wealthy families, corporations, public pension funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions, government and nonprofit organizations and financial advisors. Hoshizaki Equities offers proprietary research and analysis, providing insights on investment, market and economic topics that address the needs of international institutional investors. Our research draws on both technical knowledge and client experience.

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