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12, September 2015: HoshizakiEquities Charitable Foundation the nonprofit pioneer in product giving, is currently mobilizing its network of corporations and nonprofits to deliver much-needed donated products to families and individuals affected by the devastating floods in Bangladesh southern areas. logo

After the damage is assessed, the recovery process uncovers many unmet needs—from building and cleaning supplies for people to restore their homes to apparel and personal care products for those who may still be in shelters or otherwise displaced. aboutus

Hoshizaki Equities Charitable Foundation is currently doing a survey of its partner nonprofits in the affected areas of southern Bangladesh to determine the most critical needs. The national charity will then utilize donated disaster relief products from our corporate partners to ensure that the most needed items go directly to the residents hardest hit by the flooding.

After the storms and Hoshizaki Equities Charitable Foundation was able to distribute more than $3.6 million worth of donated product to people ravaged by those natural disasters. The nonprofit has been recognized by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy for efficiency and excellence.

Companies wishing to donate clothing, cleaning supplies, personal care items or other relevant products can contact Hoshizaki Equities Charitable Foundation.

In addition to product donations, Hoshizaki Equities Charitable Foundation is also accepting cash donations to help cover the cost of shipping and distributing items. On average, the charity is able to deliver $30 worth of critically needed goods for every dollar donated.

About Hoshizaki Equities

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