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Houdini Commandos Media Blitz Includes Travel Channel Mysteries At The Museum airing of Doyle and Houdini February 22

Houdini Commandos Media Blitz Includes Travel Channel Mysteries At The Museum airing of Doyle and Houdini February 22

Houdini Commando Dick Brookz of The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA will appear again on The Travel Channel’s Mysteries At The Museum, 9 AM EST on Sunday, February 22, 2015.

Scranton, PA, February 12, 2015 — Houdini Commando Dick Brookz of The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA will appear again on The Travel Channel’s “Mysteries At The Museum” 9 AM EST on Sunday, February 22, 2015. This will be the fifth national showing in the last four months.  The presentation, “Doyle & Houdini” is about Houdini’s relationship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and takes place at The Houdini Museum and is the lead story of the program. The Travel Channel’s web site states, “Owned by a couple of seasoned magicians, the the Houdini Museum has helped put Scranton, PA, on the map with a veritable treasure trove of objects related to the performer, such as mirror handcuffs, a collection of locks and a straitjacket.“ The program center around the captivating portrait of Houdini’s mother. This portrait was a catalyst for an angry conflict with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the subject of religion and spiritualism. This beautiful portrait in the original frame has never been featured on television before. The show can also be seen on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQNHGpLZqMA

Members of the Houdini Commandos have appeared on national television in the past two years over 10 times on The Travel Channel’s “Mysteries At The Museum” in two shows. The other was last season that featured Houdini commando Dorothy Dietrich telling about Houdini’s Famous Mirror Cuff Escape. These programs have been telecast and made available to millions of people all over the world. http://travelchannel.com/video/keys-to-houdinis-secrets-16342

The group, dubbed The Houdini Commandos by the New York Times in 2011, has been responsible in the past several years for major Houdini projects that includes the taking care of Houdini’s abandoned grave site. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/24/houdini-returns-of-course/

The Houdini Commandos replaced Houdini’s bust in 2011 at his grave site that was destroyed by vandals and missing for 40 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynJLhDob5mM

In 2012 the Houdini Commandos lobbied and finally convinced the National Organization of The Society of American Magicians to take over care of the Houdini grave at New York’s Machpelah Cemetery. Dietrich commented, “We have a limited time on earth but The Society of American Magicians will be around forever.” This coming March The Society of American Magicians National headed up by Kendrick “Ice” McDonald and upcoming president David Bowers is scheduled to have approved the payment for the cleaning of the Houdini Monument and grave site as part of their commitment to the upkeep of Houdini’s final resting place. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/1c07d0864b6a400a8311b8e7ee536cd2/new-effort-afoot-restore-houdinis-grave-nyc

In 2014 Houdini Commandos Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich were responsible for the uncovering and restoration of  Houdini’s long lost film “The Grim Game”. The Grim Game has not been seen publicly for over 96 years. It is considered Houdini’s best feature film of the five he made in the early 1900’s. http://houdini.org/houdinigrimgameuncoveredbyhoudinimuseum.html

Houdini’s Grim Game will be unveiled in March of 2015 at the yearly TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. TCM has had the film totally restored with the help of film producer Rick Schmidlin. Because of their contribution Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich names will be featured on the second title card for the movie as consultants. “This is a proud moment in our life to have been able to get this film released to the world. It was considered by film historians as lost.”  After several showings around the country TCM said they will broadcast it on national television some time in the coming year. https://pressroom.turner.com/us/tcm/tcm-fest-present-lost-houdini-film#.VNZSp8YyHV0

Brookz has appeared in top venues such as Rainbow Grill at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, The Americana Hotel in Puerto Rico for 3 months, was held over, returned and headlined Number One Fifth Ave in New York City (Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen also headlined there), the El Morocco in Montreal, repeatedly at New York’s Living Room with Jack Jones, Lonnie Satin, and a series of other top venues He has worked as an entertainer for major corporations such as Coleco, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Maidenform, First Boston, Yago Sangria, Pool Trol, etc., with shows written by him that revolved around the product. His television appearances include Atlantic City Alive, Travel Channel’s “Magic Road Trip”, Biography Channel’s “Dead Famous-Houdini”, Evening Magazine, Good Morning America, Home Box Office, Canada’s Deals From The Dark Side”, Travel Channel’s “Magic Road Trip”, as well as many news programs. He has been hired for major society parties by Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Carly Simon, Barry Manilow, John Lithgow, David Merrick, Stevie Wonder, multiple times for the Rockefeller family and others.  Early in his career appeared on the same bill, usually the opening act, with Jack Jones, Jerry Vale, Lou Monte, George Kirby, Pat Cooper, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, Don Cornell and others.

About The Houdini Museum:
Houdini fans have come to Scranton, PA., the home of the Houdini Museum, Tour & Magic Show for 25 years. It is the only building in the world totally devoted to Houdini, & is the longest running public exhibit in the world dedicated to Houdini. It’s headed up by Houdini Commandos and professional magicians Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz. ( http://Houdini.org ) The Houdini Museum, Tour and Magic Show is located at 1433 N. Main Ave, Scranton, PA, (570) 342-5555, and features year round Houdini tours and magic shows for adults, kids, seniors and teenagers.

The Houdini Museum has the largest and only continuing traveling exhibit on Houdini, “Houdini Road Show”, that has finally all come back from being on exhibit at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino in West Palm Beach. http://HoudiniDisplays.com

Museum co-directors considered leading mystery entertainers Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich are also currently starring in Psychic Theater’s “Haunted Seance!” It is the longest running performance of it’s kind in history. It’s been running evenings for 10 years at the Houdini Museum Theater. ( http://PsychicTheater.com )

Penny Wilkes
The Houdini Museum
1433 N Main Ave
Scranton, PA 18447


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