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House Cleaning Services Among Rapid Growth Self Employment Options

House Cleaning Services Among Rapid Growth Self Employment Options

Self employment is a good choice for many individuals for varying reasons. Freedom to set a desired schedule, more control over work environment, and financial goals are among some of reasons people may favor self employment. A person might not have been able to find viable work, and self employment allows them to create work.

Home cleaning services are among the fastest projected growing service industries. Roughly 7% of those in the cleaning industry are self employed. Employment in the service cleaning industry is estimated to grow 13% from 2012 – 2022.

Some reasons for the healthy growth in this field is from the health care industry, and an aging population that will need more help, as they utilize more cleaning services. Dual working families also contribute to the demand, as less time is available to tackle home chores.

Author Amber Richards has released her book called, ‘Start A Home Cleaning Business’ in order to help individuals who want to research the possibility of launching a self employed business. Richards states, ‘There are so many options available for people to own and operate their own cleaning services. Marketing ideas and services can be tailored to be very creative both from a business owners’ perspective, and to offer clients valuable service packages that are high in demand.’ Richards once owned her own cleaning service and shares her experience with readers.

Among some of the options a cleaning service can provide are residential cleaning, new construction cleaning, office cleaning, apartment move out cleaning, green cleaning services, cleaning vacation rental homes in between guest stays, and many others.

Services may also opt to specialize in certain types of tasks such as window cleaning, oven cleaning, cleaning cabinets and drawers, waxing floors, polishing antique metals for example. A business might want to be a generalist, a ‘jack of all trades’. The beauty of this industry is the flexibility to create a niche that fosters a thriving business and offers value to clients.

The book is currently available as a paperback, Kindle e-book, and Audible audio book. Find out more information about “’Start A Home Cleaning Business” by visiting the website directly http://startahomecleaningbusiness.com/

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Amber Richards
Phone: 3606103366
Address: PO Box 3445, Bellevue, WA 98004
Email: amber.richards24@yahoo.com
Website: http://startahomecleaningbusiness.com/

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