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How Modular Homes Are Taking The Queensland Property Market By Storm

How Modular Homes Are Taking The Queensland Property Market By Storm

Brisbane, Australia, 15, April 2016:It’s no secret that property prices in Queensland are rising a lot. In fact, values are going up so much that many people can no longer afford to buy a home. That might be good news for landlords on the rental market. But, for first-time buyers, the news is bad.


These days, many home buyers have to save up a sizeable deposit for several years before they can get a house. And others may have to rely on cash windfalls such as an inheritance, for example. One company that is seeking to turn the property market on its head is Rubix Modular.

They are offering an affordable way for people to have their own living spaces. Plus, it’s an innovative option that is also eco-friendly too.

What is Rubix Modular?

As the name might suggest, Rubix Modular is the name for modular homes. They get built from prefabricated components. Examples include shipping containers, insulated panels, steel frames and trusses. The firm’s website at has examples of past installations that one can view.

The beauty of Rubix Modular homes is they are bespoke to one’s needs. The company can create a home for anyone according to their specifications. Unlike traditional properties, customers have full control over the design and layout.

What are the advantages of a Rubix Modular home?

Perhaps the main reason more individuals are opting for a Rubix Modular home is the cost. As one can appreciate, it’s expensive to buy a conventional bricks and mortar property. The company is offering people an affordable option to have a stylish and bespoke home.

One of the reasons a Rubix Modular home is more affordable is down to its construction. The firm states that over 90% of the construction process takes place in their factory. The rest of the cost is just transport and labour.

Another benefit of a Rubix Modular home is the speed of which the property gets erected. A traditional property can take months of construction. Rubix homes can get built in a matter of days!

Commercial options

It’s not just residential customers that can take advantage of a Rubix Modular property. The company offers a variety of options for commercial clients too.

For instance, some uses of their pre-fab buildings include cafes, kiosks, and offices. They are also useful for art studios, toilet blocks and more. In fact, the possibilities are limitless!

About Rubix Modular

Rubix Modular is a company taking the residential and commercial property market by storm. Based in Queensland, the firm offers pre-fabricated homes and commercial properties.

Customers have total control over the design and styling of the finished properties. Each building gets built in a factory. This means construction takes a fraction of the time of traditional properties.

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Company: Rubix Modular
Address: 2596 Ipswich Road
Darra, QLD, Australia, 4076
Phone: 1300 178 249
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