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How to Avoid Truck Spontaneous combustion

How to Avoid Truck Spontaneous combustion

Don’t Let Cargo Truck Become Fire Truck

Summer is coming, the news of truck spontaneous combustion is becoming more and more, whenever such things happen, it means truck owner will suffer huge economic losses.


In order to avoid such tragic incidents, we list several reasons for truck spontaneous combustion, by sharing these experiences, to prevent similar unfortunate things happen to ourselves, especially, for oil tanker truck.

Brake Overheating Leading to Truck Spontaneous Combustion


At present, Chinese truck mainly use drum brakes, when the vehicles meet a long downhill, frequently braking can cause brake drum overheat to ignite tires and induce truck spontaneous combustion.


Although most of the trucks are equipped with the water spray devices, but this unique Chinese modification, is not once and for all. If you do not pay attention to the usual maintenance, pipes aging or water spray nozzle clogging, in the course of a long downhill do not over-rely on this water spray system.



At present, in China, the truck used liquid retarder and engine brake and other auxiliary braking system have not been popular in the short term, the majority truck brakes still rely on water spray system during the downhill. Therefore, the vehicle must be checked before the road watering effect, in the case of the downhill, it should use low speed gear, using engine force to control the truck speed, and keep reasonable use of the brakes, to make the brake drum and a tire maintain a relatively safe temperature. For multi compartment oil tanker truck, generally, use disc brakes for front wheels, and drum brakes for rear wheel, so the driver need to avoid too often to use the brakes.

● Wire Aging to Cause Truck Spontaneous Combustion


Many trucks, especially special purpose vehicles have made some circuit changes, installing additional lighting, air conditioning or other large electrical equipment. However, due to bad packaging or the vehicle age is too long, it can easily lead to short-circuit fire. Furthermore, engine aging to cause high-voltage leakage, at the place of leakage, the temperature rising, to lead to truck spontaneous combustion. Stainless steel oil tanker truck can load one or two kinds of oil, so the driver need often to check the wires and electric circuits.


Another situation is to change the original truck wire with high-power electrical equipment, during the use of electrical equipment, the overloading causes overheating of the line and results in truck spontaneous combustion.08

Some driver friends often place one or more lighters in the cabs, to be convenient to light the cigarettes. In the hot sun, the lighter gas will probably leak to cause the truck spontaneous combustion. So don’t place the lighters in the cabs, especially in hot weather, it is undoubtedly a small time bomb.


Similar dangerous goods are such as glasses and batteries etc. In some situation, glasses will act as a lens, all lights through the lens will be focused at a point. If this point is at combustibles, such as the seat covers, once the temperature is too high, it can cause spontaneous combustion. When the battery is placed in the cab for a long time, at high temperature, it will have an explosion risk.

Summer is the high incidence of truck spontaneous combustion accidents. Driver friends need to develop safety awareness, be sure to carefully check the vehicle before driving. If there are problems, it needs to be immediately removed. Refuse to drive trucks with problems. For the aging wire, it should be timely fixed. Don’t place items which can cause truck spontaneous combustion in the cabs. Regularly check the fire extinguishers and other equipments to ensure the validity of fire extinguisher in the trucks, in the dangerous situation, they can be used. Good luck to the oil tanker truck driver.


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