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How to better maintain the aluminum windows and doors at your home?

How to better maintain the aluminum windows and doors at your home?

China – When people open or close the doors and windows made by aluminum extrusion profiles , their action should be lightly and naturally enough. Please totally avoid the hard push as meeting with the obstacle. Generally speaking, the dust gathering and deformation should be the main reason why the aluminum doors and windows could be opened or closed very hardly. So, people should keep cleaning condition of windows and doors especially for the sliding slot of the windows. It is available to use vacuumed tank to eliminate these dirties.

Second, when people are cleaning windows and doors which made by Aluminum extrusion profiles , they must not stand on the aluminum frame and pull the frame of these products for supporting as the aluminum will be easily get deformation during these situations.

The aluminum doors and windows could be cleaned by the using of a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent. Please do not use ordinary soap and detergent as well as the scouring powder, toilet cleaner and other strong acid washing detergents.

After the rainy day, people should ensure to be promptly dry these wet glass and door frames and please pay special attention to dry the water chute where can be also added a little oil or wax as lubricated effect.

People should always check the joints of aluminum frame. At the same time, they need to timely tight the bolts and do the replacement of damaged parts. The locating axle pin, wind bracing, and springs and other parts of aluminum doors and windows will be easily broken so these parts should be checked regularly and added such amount lubricated oil to keep clean and flexible.

People should know that the sealing tops and glass plastic seal should be the crucial structures that could ensure the warm keeping of doors and windows which made by China aluminum profile. If there is the situation of dropping off, people need to timely repair and replace it.

Please always check the junction parts between the wall and aluminum windows as the loosen situation will easily let these products get such deformation so that doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed. So, please timely screw these loose connections. If the based parts of these loosen screws are also looses, people should get help from the application of component epoxy glue.

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