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How to Choose a Classic Car Restoration Shop in the Tri-State Area: NY, NJ, CT

How to Choose a Classic Car Restoration Shop in the Tri-State Area: NY, NJ, CT

03, December 2015: Classic car restoration can prove to be a complicated task, which is why it should never be treated as just another task. It should be done only by professionals who have the knowledge and skills that are essential. Those who are looking for restoration specialists for muscle car performance and custom designs in the Tri State area and surrounding areas will most probably be confronted with tons of choices. How do you evaluate your options? Keep on reading and learn more about some of the things that you should consider.

Look For Specialist Auto Shops

Some people would assume that a shop specializing in collision repair can already be enough to handle their needs for classic car mechanical restoration in the Tri State area. In reality, however, such should not be the case. Classic cars are precious investments, and hence, you should choose only a shop that specializes in handling such cars.

Ask for Suggestions

You will most probably be overwhelmed with the tons of the possibilities for classic car restoration in the Tri State area. To narrow down your choices, you should seek for suggestions from other people. A good starting point would be the reviews you can find online. You can also ask people you personally know. More so, it will help if you can attend car shows and ask around from other enthusiasts. Through the experiences of other people, it will be easier for you to make a well-informed choice.

Talk to a Representative from the Shop

Before making any final decision, it is important to interview the owner or representative from the shop. Ask them relevant questions, such as their experience in the business and how they plan to approach the classic car restoration job. Ask them as well if they handle engine restoration, aside from just classic car interior restoration.

Take a Look at their Past Projects

Another important thing that you should do is to take a look at their projects in the past in order to see what they can do for classic car body restoration. These pictures can be displayed on their websites, or they can be available upon request. Take a look at the before and after photos. This will somehow give you an idea on the quality of the output that can be delivered by the shop.

If you searching for the best in classic car restoration in the Tri State area do not look any further. Classic AutoPlex is one option that you will not regret. It is an experienced company with a competent team and has a roster of highly satisfied clients in the past. They are popular in Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, and Connecticut, among other surrounding areas.

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