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How to clean the daily used office seating?

How to clean the daily used office seating?

China – Office seating chairs has been widely spread into the public or privacy areas for daily work and social activities. As the high using frequency, the office seating will be easily to get the dirty things and stains. In this case, the regularly cleaning is very crucial. So, which factors people should note during the official seat cleaning. Now, the following tips will give people the clearly answer.

First, of course, people need to clearly understand the material of office chairs. In generally, the material for the legs of office seating is solid wood or wrought. The stool surface is leather or others fabric, According to the difference between these different materials on one seat, people need to use different cleaning method.

Second, if it is the leather office seating chair, most of people will use the leather cleaning detergents. In this kind of situation, people should be best to try the detergent on one small part of the leather surface and see whether there is the color fading phenomenon. If there is discoloration, the detergent needs to be diluted with water.

Thirdly, for the wood legs of most of these ergonomic furniture chairs, people can directly use a dry cloth for cleaning and then they could do the second cleaning by the application of the related detergent. Please do not wipe with a damp cloth and then directly dry this part by exposure as it will accelerate rot of the interior wood.

Fourthly, the cleaning method for the general cloth office seating is to spray cleaner and then gently wipe it by soft cloth. If the seat is particularly dirty, then people could use the mixed liquid which is the combination of warm water and related detergent. Please remember to not brush the surface of the seat fierce as it will let the cloth surface become very old.

Furthermore, the famous office seating online seller wants to tell people should be that they should not wash the furniture with soap and detergent water. The Soapy water and detergent could not only effectively clean the dirty stain on products but also could removed particles or painted surface on the office chair as these detergents have certain level of corrosive, which can damage the surface of furniture and let them become.


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