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How to Find a Qualified APIs Supplier?

How to Find a Qualified APIs Supplier?

When Come to demands of APIs, many medicine manufacturers may complain about the frustration confronted when find a supplier for new ingredients. Actually the problem can be easily settled in compliance with some key tips. Being a professional APIs supplier with more than 10 years experiences in the field, BOC Sciences will give some advice on selecting an appropriate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients provider.

At the initial phase, a list of API companies should be targeted by searching on the Directory websites, supplier catalogs and other related communities, besides consulting the local people and checking the yellow page for a local supplier will be a good choice. There are many other ways to make a list of the potential companies.

Then more detail information about the APIs providers on the list should be collected to evaluate if they are capable of providing such products you need. The information including their certificates of running the plant, qualification for producing APIs and other related capabilities. This can be achieved by visiting their official website, browsing their customer reviews on the relevant websites, even talking to them online.

Then narrow down the choices to 5 or less according to the materials collected, and visit their offices and plants to get more knowledge about their running and operating situation. When come to this step, the technology they use to produce can’t be ignored, since it can be a vital factor to determine the quality of their products in the long run. Samples of the needed products are welcome, as they could be taken use of in the decision-making stage.

Besides, investigating the financial stability of the company will be a good practice, and will contribute to the final decision. What should also be considered is that the strength of APIs will vary from brand to brand, as every company may use different standard to determine the relative strength in a drug. To decrease the strength difference between the APIs and the wanted level, the standard used should also be taken into account.

After all these done, the answer will be presented by itself.

Still get puzzled after reading this article? Please visit or contact BOC Sciences at, BOC Sciences will help you with its professionalism and rich experiences in the field.

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