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How to select the most suitable women earrings?

How to select the most suitable women earrings?

Germany – How to choose the most suitable earring? Today, the famous silver necklace online seller will give people full information about how to choose the good silver necklace

Square face

Girls who have the square face should be suitable for wearing one pair of circular, oblong, or key-shaped pendant earrings which can better modify girl¡¯s face edges. The unsuitable choice is the earring in square, triangular or square angular shape.

Round face

If girls have the round shaped face, they should be better put on the earring with leaf and sharply shape which create a sense that the face is slender more and then people will be seemed delicately.

Thin face

For girls with the thin face, wear one pair of the button type sterling silver necklace will make their face look wider than former.

Triangle face

For the triangle face girls, they need to wear the women earring with the narrow upper and wider lower part, such as the heart-shaped, pear-shaped and so on. This will let the thin jaw become tall, plump, exquisite and chic.

Oval-shaped face

The women who have this kind of face shape will have good visual effects after wearing earrings. As the good face shape, girls with this face shape will be free to wear earrings of any shape and style.

In addition to the cooperation with the face shape, the coordination between the skin color and earring color is also very crucial. Below information is the related information

White skin color

For girls who have the white skin color, they should select the earring with deep color, such as bright red, purple, brown or red. People who have white color skin will be free to choose the earrings and the majority of tone of earrings can help them get better decorative effect.

Bronze skin

Those girls who have the bronze skin color need to wear earring with the bright color such as milky color ivory earrings, cream-colored agate earrings, pale green moonstone earrings or pale purple crystal earrings.

Darker color skin

For girls who have the darker color skin, they should choose to wear the silver earrings as well. The other choice is gold earring which will be suitable for a variety of colors as it is a mild warm color which could give people the pure and bright feeling. The other kind choice is the pearl earring as the color of pearl is also suitable for a variety of skin color. Either they have white or other colors of skin, the pearl earrings can play the same effect.

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