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HTML5 Flip Book Maker by Mobissue Introduces new Enhancements

HTML5 Flip Book Maker by Mobissue Introduces new Enhancements

09, November 2015: Statistics reveal that by 2014 more than half of the global tablet share was owned by Android based tablets. Moreover, by the end of 2015 it was predicted to grow further in number of users. This revelation made the world’s leading mobile digital publishing platform to offer android tablet users an exclusive experience when creating eye-catching flipbooks. The latest enhancements of the tools and features of the Mobissue HTML5 flip book maker ensures increased efficiency and performance during the process of designing product catalogs, ezines, brochures, annual reports and ebooks. In addition, the enhanced features also offer a better experience to the readers who use Android tablets for the purpose.

When considering the advantages offered to the digital publishers through the new enhancements, optimized flipbook templates rank on top. Instead of creating digital publications from the scratch, using these unique and diversified templates offered by the HTML5 flip book maker, designers could create the desired flipbook in a shorter period of time. Besides the above, extended the preview capability and added cool page sliding effects has the capability of expediting the entire designing process with a promise of a superior outcome. The extended preview capability enables previewing the publication on all Android tablets, regardless the OS version.

On the other hand, readers viewing flipbooks on their Android tablets are given the option to move between landscape and portrait modes. This option provides them opportunity to read their digital publications in the most comfortable manner simply flipping the pages with a finger.

Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue shared his views on these new Android friendly enhancements as, “We cannot put aside the fact that Android tablets dominated the world market. It is our responsibility and passion to make the flipbook reading and creating processes ultra easier to the worldwide Android tablet users. Download Mobissue on to your device and experience the richness of the world’s best HTML5 flip book maker.”

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For more information on the Mobissue HTML5 flip book maker for Android tablets, please follow Mobissue on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/mobissue. Or contact pr@mobissue.com.

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