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Hydraulic Cylinder Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Hydraulic Cylinder Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

A Hydraulic cylinder is also called a linear hydraulic motor. It is a mechanical actuator which is used to provide a unidirectional force by a unidirectional stroke. It has several applications, primarily in construction equipment, manufacturing machinery and civil engineering equipments.

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The demand for hydraulic cylinders is primarily driven by the growing demand for hydraulic cylinder based equipment which are used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture, aerospace and defense. Moreover, growing demand from the OEMs owing to rising level of industrial production and growing global trade contributes toward the hydraulic cylinder market growth. The market is developing steadily and it is majorly driven by the emerging economies. There has been a stable growth in the economy of the major countries of Asia such as China and India post-global economic recession. This has lined the way for the appearance of numerous low-cost and small-scale construction and manufacturing companies. Many companies in the Americas and the EMEA region are contiuously outsourcing their manufacturing needs to several countries to achieve low labor costs for example, India and China. Moreover, multiple global organizations are establishing their manufacturing base in emerging economies to get the benefit of the low-cost manufacturing capability and the availability of substantially skilled labor. This move assists companies to develop their market presence. Hence, the market is experiencing a rise in the investments from both domestic and international vendor. European and North American markets have reached the saturation stage. Although, the mature markets have given an immense opportunity for the emerging markets, through outsourcing their manufacturing needs to the emerging markets.

High adoption of material handling equipments globally offers growth opportunity for the market. At present, material handling equipment such as level luffing cranes, stackers and electronic overhead travelling cranes are extensively used by multiple industries such as Food and Beverage, Power and Energy, Retail and Oil Refineries other than construction and engineering sectors. This stimulates the adoption of material handling equipment and thus helps the growth of the hydraulic cylinders market.

The market is segmented by hydraulic cylinder types, function, specification, design and application. Hydraulic cylinder function includes double acting hydraulic cylinders and single acting hydraulic cylinders. Single acting hydraulic cylinders apply the hydraulic pressure in only one direction, primarily to extend the cylinder. Double acting cylinders have two ports, one for the intake and other for outtake of hydraulic fluids. The force from the liquid can be used in both directions for expanding and retracting the piston. It can be fixed in any way for pushing, pulling and lifting operations.

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Specification includes Telescopic Cylinders, Hydraulic Jacks and Mill Type Hydraulic Cylinder. By design it can be segmented as Welded Cylinders and Tie Rod Cylinders. Applications includes material handling, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, agriculture, mining, transportation, marine and shipyard industry, manufacturing, waste management, pulp and paper industry and earthmoving equipment.

Key players in the market include Actuant Corp., Aggressive Hydraulics, Best Metal Products, Bailey International LLC, Burnside Group, Burnside Eurocyl Ltd., Burnside Autocyl (tullow) Ltd., Bosch Rexroth A.G., Bucher Hydraulics Gmbh, Burnside Hydracyl (ballymoon) Ltd., Chapel Group, Dongyang Mechatronics Corp., Douce Hydro, Changzhou Sunde Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd. and Eaton Corp. among others.

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