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Hygiene and Sanitation: This is the Go-To Place

Hygiene and Sanitation: This is the Go-To Place

Issues related to health and sanitation is counted amongst things of paramount importance in the health-conscious world of today. Seldom is it seen that people sit down to eat without thoroughly rinsing their hands in soap and water, especially in the more tropical parts of the world. And not just in matters of food intake; hygiene is something that is required in every aspect of our life.

And this is precisely the aim of Hygeco, which is one of the leading providers of sanitation and bathroom products in Sub-Saharan Africa. They deal in items such as dispensers, hand dryers, trash bins, wastepaper baskets, soaps, liquid hand sanitisers, toilet paper and other similar stuffs.

They are the distributors of some of the leading supply brands of sanitary products around the world. Their seven sales and distribution centres all in three countries—Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria—provide people with the best quality products and services related to hygiene maintenance.

Taking a look at some of their hygiene products, their stock include items such as:

Dispensers: Reflex Paper Towel Dispenser, Auto Air Dispenser, Condom Dispenser, Folded Paper Towel Dispenser, White Manual Soap Dispenser, Soap Pumps, Black Manual Soap Dispenser, Stainless Aerosol Cover, Bevelled TR 2 And 3, Manual White Soap Dispenser-800 Ml, Auto White Soap Dispenser 800 Ml, and Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser-Auto.

Hand Dryers: Silver Auto and White Auto.

Trash Bins: Petrol Sanitary Bin, Femacare Stainless Bin, Five-sided Wall Bin-Stainless, Wastepaper-Bin Stainless, and White Medium Wall Bin.

Soap/Sanitiser: Antibacterial Hand Soap, Shower Breeze, Sanibin Powder, Top-fill Bottles, Hand Foam Soap and Hand Sanitiser.

Air Fragrances: Air Freshener Refills, HY scent Eco-friendly Fragrance.

Paper: Reflex Paper Refills.

Others: Sanitary Bags, Clear Refuse Bags, Red Refuse Bags, Coloured Bin Bags, Urinal Screens, Surface Sanitiser and Fogger, and Vitaflex Protection.

Apart from endeavouring to make the world a cleaner and safer place to live in, Hygeco is also involved in giving donations and assistance to Not-for-Profits and Enterprise Development Organisations such as Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) and Cadiz Enterprise Development Investment (CENT). The first one is involved in providing nutritious meals to undernourished children in primary, high and special-need schools. The second one, CENT, is an agency which provides impetus to the growth of small and medium industries (SME) by investing in places where there is scope of growth and profit. To know more, see: http://za.hygeco.net/

About Hygeco:
Hygeco is a sanitary products firm which was established in 2013. It sources its products from the leadings brand suppliers of bathroom products, washroom products and sanitation equipment.

Unit 37 Silver Park, Silver Street,
Brackenfell Industria, 7560
Tel: +27 21 982 8689

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