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IAN backs Loudcell

IAN backs Loudcell

Indian Angel Network has invested Rs. 5 cr. in LoudCell, with a vision to save diesel cost and reduce wastage or inefficiency for DG owners in India and other emerging economies. LoudCell offerings are based on the IoT and Cloud technology platform to enable phenomenal quick scalability.  It delivers the most critical need for fuel and energy management at extremely low costs, and is designed to be tamper-proof.


India has an estimated installed base of more than 5 million Diesel Generators of capacity greater than 15 KVA (target market) and growing. These generators consume $13 billion worth of diesel annually. The manufacturing sector faces a huge production and wastage and as the “make in India” initiative takes off, LoudCell’s technology will be critical for this sector.   The criticality of this technology rests on the single fact that developing economies are struggling to meet their production costs accruing to high level of fuel costs and spill overs. Multiple features like easy monitoring & record keeping, tracking of run time & fuel consumption, report generation and fuel reconciliation etc. In addition, it reduces the extensive carbon emission which is an increasing concern for these economies.


LoudCell aims to help consumers reduce the carbon footprint, creating a significant environmental impact and estimates to save 0.5 million tons of carbon emissions by 2018.


LoudCell Co-founders Ramesh Gupta and Ashish Srivastava commented, “The investment raised through IAN will be used for manpower recruitment, business growth, building the LoudCell brand, further development & enhancement of the current products and increasing the portfolio of products in future. LoudCell’s unique and user friendly technology fills this gap, providing customers actionable intelligence and complete insight into their diesel usage profile. We are excited to become IAN Portfolio Company and believe that IAN credible global network will help us take LoudCell to other developing economies also”.


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About Us:

Loudcell is Knowledge based Company developing innovative and highly sophisticated technology to address the problems of fuel and energy wastage. It is a journey from germination of an idea to its fructification. It is a story of vision and growth. Started as a modest enterprise in 2012, it is now a force to reckon with. A leader in the latest technologies in India and an international forerunner.

Founded on a vision which seeks to usher a better tomorrow by providing Consumers with improved technology solutions that reduces energy cost & improve efficiency. Loudcell is poised to bring rapid changes with an aim to raise the operational efficiency & proper utilisation of the DG backup power to Consumers in sector like Data Center, Healthcare, Telecommunication & IT, Small & Medium Enterprise Business, Pharma Sector, Plastic manufacturing, Real-Estate, Automobiles & so forth. It is also poised to reduce the operational diesel wastage of consumer by 20%to 50%.

LoudCell also aims to help consumers reduce the carbon footprint, over all creating a significant environmental impact and it estimates to save 0.5 million tons of carbon emissions by 2018. Loudcell solutions are for energy efficiency and environmental compliance to businesses across India & emerging economy.


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