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Iblox, Next Generation Lego Type Blocks, Is Launching Kickstarter Campaign

Iblox, Next Generation Lego Type Blocks, Is Launching Kickstarter Campaign


San Diego, CA – Iblox multi-faceted block-pieces are ready for release with its patent-pending technology to take your child’s construction toy (Compatible with Lego Duplo type blocks) playability to a whole new fantastic level!


For the last 80 years, Lego gave the world one of the best youth memories with the magnificent development of elegant toy pieces used in simple construction/destruction during a child’s playtime.

Fulfilled folks and youngsters all over made Lego a family and household name. Because of this, Lego has been second to none as a company in the childhood development toy industry.

Also, Lego has been advanced from a creative youngsters’ toy to a marked, authorized and uninspired toy set unfortunately. Lego changed their business plan of action into authorized, prearranged development toy sets from Star Wars to Hobbits. Good for them and their bottom line, not so much for fostering imagination and creativity for the children of the world.


Development and construction toys’ quality lies in the constructive destruction that can make models and dismantle them to make other imaginative models.

With this highly-innovative quality in mind, we are here to bring iblox (“i” for imagination) to the world to give a long lost creative playtime in construction block world.


iblox has 317 different block models so far. More are under active and ambitious development and we need your help and support to take it to the next level!

Unlike other construction block toys in the market, iblox expands creativity and imagination exponentially of the player offering multi-dimensional playing ability. It will not only make children to play longer but also help improve children’s imagination and creativity.

The value of construction toys lie on the constructive destruction in which a child can make models and disassemble them to make new imaginative models. In the same vein of this core value, we are here to bring iblox(i for imagination) to reinstate the lost imaginations to the children around the world.

iblox will start its Kickstarter campaign on March 13. Campaign will last 45 days. Thanks for your support and generosity in advance.


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We Are iBlox: “i for imagination”

Media Contact Name: Susan Sim
Cell : (619) 204-0103

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