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Iconcox help you get the high quality personal used GPS tracker

Iconcox help you get the high quality personal used GPS tracker

America – Recent, the investigator of famous Personal GPS Tracker supplier has visited the local electronics market and found that there are no public shops which sell the private used GPS Tracker. The GPS store also said that they do not sell the non-vehicle used navigation GPS locator. The investigator continued to visiting hundreds of stalls and only find one set of the highest-selling GPS locator and this GPS locator often sell out of stock.

According to the introduction of the famous GPS tracking devices online seller, their GPS tracking devices could be mainly used for personal GPS locating, vehicle anti-theft tracking, lease vehicle location tracking, fleet management, enterprise logistics, construction fleet management, taxi dispatch management, monitoring and management of long-distance passenger transporting and other aspects.

The personal tracker from has compacted body type and it can be placed in a pocket and the weight of this device is only 100g without batteries. The capacity of battery is usually 2600mAH and can work for four to five days. In the state of the sleep mode, the battery could standby from 20 days or more. The famous online seller said that their guests are mostly used to use this device to find the elderly and children. As long as the inserting into a mobile phone GPRS traffic card and send a text message, the owner could find the location of the people who has been tracked.

After the first day, the investigator also search another electric selling market and they also did not find public sale of GPS Tracker. When the investigator asked about this matter, the shop often shows out the feeling of very cautious. Last, investigator only finds a small shop where has the personal used GPS tracker. However, the shop owner said that their GPS personal Tracker only has the monitoring function.

It is indeed that the GPS personal trackers have been strictly limited by the government of each country so purchasing this device is not very easily for each people. Now, the famous GPS tracker online seller provides all kinds of the GPS tracking devices which are all in legal areas.

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