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ICT Solutions are Here in the Form of Tygarella

ICT Solutions are Here in the Form of Tygarella

Tygarella Technologies is a name that has recently merged in the field of Information and Communication Technology service providing. They create new gadgets; update their clients with news about Information Technology in South Africa, offer training in ICT and supply hardware and software in general. They supply hardware, networking solutions (ranging from physical implementations, cable installation, LAN infrastructure, configuration, designing, implementation, WAN solutions and a host of other maintenance works), messaging services, configuration data centre, Wi-Fi design and installation, and general system integration work. They provide all sorts of research and training on various IT fields and design software for all kinds of purposes. Implementation, coding, programming, software trial testing according to client requirement, software deployment, and software enhancement—all are done with remarkable efficiency at Tygarella.

Apart from the above, they are specialists when it comes to web development according to the needs and wants of clients. They excel at creating both static and responsive websites. In their technical support and maintenance section, one can see that they profess to provide IT-based solutions for key challenge areas in businesses. Their solutions help the client’s IT business environment to run with full efficiency. With support being offered by Tygarella in every form, a businessman can fully concentrate on his growing IT business.

In the field of System Integration or SOA, Tygarella helps a firm build networking and computing links between all the computers in the organisation, and also with the computing systems of their suppliers and clients. That is to say, that they help strengthen the VPN system of Networking.

Last but not least; on their e-learning portal they conduct online tuitions on working in the IT industry, and on computer studies in general. They provide for online tuitions in a very comprehensive manner, which include group discussion portals, tutor discussion portals and message boards in general. All the study material is stored in the website archives itself, so as to save students the pain of having to separately procure books or study materials from elsewhere.

In recent news, Tygarella has new business partners such as MICT SETA and Isibani College. For more on this, go to:

About Tygarella:
Tygarella technologies is an ICT services firm which is slowly emerging as a leading player in the IT solutions industry. It is situated in Midrand, South Africa.

43 Montrose Street
Vorna Valley, Midrand
South Africa

Tel: +27 11 318 0520
Fax: +27 86 557 0108

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