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Idea for eM Client Emails to Outlook 2016 Migration

Idea for eM Client Emails to Outlook 2016 Migration

I was using eM Client and Outlook 2013 but when Outlook 2016 was launched, I upgraded MS Outlook 2013 to 2016 but was not able to that with eM Client. It was then I made the use eM Client Converter.

It is a third party tool which helps in converting all eM Client files into MS Outlook. While conversion is taking place no data is lost or misplaced. As we know that it is a window based application so the software was supporting my windows 10. It can be operated in any of the windows like windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and many more. If there are any attachments attached to the file that too gets converted and saved in proper files. Conversion takes place in two conversion modes i.e., single as well as batch mode. In single mode files are converted one by one whereas in batch mode multiple files are converted at a time. It will reserve all header details of an e-mail without any separate changes. Email Header formatting (To, bcc, cc, date, time, from etc.) will all remain same. No data will be lost at the time of conversion.

One of the best feature is that it provides with a demo version. If a client is satisfied with the service then they can take over with its licensed version. Demo version is just like the licensed version but in demo version we have mask all over the converted files.

I was really satisfied with the service provided by this product as all my problems were saved. I will suggest other users to also work with this product.

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