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I&E Solutions Offers Help for Meeting New California Notary Requirements

I&E Solutions Offers Help for Meeting New California Notary Requirements

As of January 1, 2015, three new laws went into effect that affect California notaries. Now, I&E Solutions helps clients meet the new requirements for legally notarized documents.

The state of California has implemented three new laws that affect those holding a Notary Public license. In compliance with these new requirements, I&E Solutions is offering compliant documents as well as help for those who need assistance understanding the new notary laws.

As of January 1, 2015, Senate Bill 1050 requires a new consumer notice to “legibly appear in a box at the top of acknowledgement, jurat and proof of execution certificates.” Notaries should also understand the implications of Assembly Bill 2747; this bill allows the imposition of a $1,500 civil penalty for failure of duty on the part of any Notary Public.

Finally, Senate Bill 1467 requires professional photocopiers to also maintain valid notary commissions during the two-year registration term. If the Notary Public commission expires during the two-year registration period, the individual must provide the county clerk with an updated commission.

I&E Solutions is helping those affected by these new laws ensure that they are in compliance with them. I&E Solutions also offers many forms and services to clients who need verified and accurate legal documents. In compliance with the new Notary Public laws, I&E Solutions offers document preparation that meets all legal requirements.

Located on the web at , I&E Solutions is a document preparation service that offers assistance in uncontested legal matters by preparing documents for filing in accordance with court rules. The company also includes registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants with experience in family and business law. Services include filing and notarizing documents.

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About I&E Solutions: I&E Solutions takes a personal approach to every customer. With a reputation for excellent customer service, the company receives the majority of its business from referrals from satisfied customers.

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