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Ifchic Releases FREE Coins for Shopping Designer Dresses, Shoes & Jewelries on September 24th

Ifchic Releases FREE Coins for Shopping Designer Dresses, Shoes & Jewelries on September 24th

California, United States; 24, September 2015: Ifchic has an adorable collection of designer dresses, shoes and jewelry items for the modern women that can suit their busy lifestyle. The web store has a brilliant product lineup, available at great prices. Besides, they organize the IFCHIC24 event every month, where women can shop for the whole day on the 24th of every month and can use free IFCHIC24 coins for their shopping. The online store gives an opportunity to collect coins every day except on the 24th day of the month and a woman can use up to $180 worth of free coins for her shopping.

According to the spokesperson of Ifchic, the IFCHIC24 event has been designed for women to feel cherished and enjoy their womanhood. “The free coins give them the liberty to shop for designer dresses that they always desired to have in their wardrobe,” she states. According to her, the new Etre Cecile collection is drawing a huge attention of the worldwide women that wants to look stylish despite their busy lifestyle. The collection features a range of impressively designed dresses that can meet personal style choices of women of all tastes from different cultures.

Ifchic also has lined up the Joomi Lim jewelry collection for the modern women customers. The collection features metal luxe spiked jewelry pieces that offer a contemporary sense of style. Women can purchase single spiked and double spiked necklaces, bracelets, crystal earrings and other items from the collection. The spokesperson maintains that all items in the collection feature an exceptional and delicate designing that can simply draw the attention of the gorgeous women from around the world.

The online store also brings an awesome collection of Dee Keller shoes for women to walk in style. The collection includes wedge sandals, open toe booties, palmer pumps, heel pumps and several other unique styles. Besides offering excellent styles, the shoes are comfortable in wearing so that women can walk distances in their own stride. The spokesperson reveals that women can be able to purchase all these exclusive items on September 24th using IFCHIC24 coins, and from September 25th, they can start collecting a new set of coins to shop on the next month’s 24th day.

To start collecting IFCHIC24 coins, one may visit the website


Ifchic is a place tailored for the contemporary women and their busy lifestyles. They hand-pick products among the sea of brilliant designers, and select the styles best suited for the modern women’s lifestyle.

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