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iFoneMate Recovers iPhone Deleted Text Messages

iFoneMate Recovers iPhone Deleted Text Messages

Houston TX; 27, November 2015: ifonemate is pleased to announce that it offers a solution for the user who accidentally erases or deletes text messages from their iPhone or other iOS devices. The user of iFoneMate allows for reliable iPhone message recovery with a no-charge process which even the most technologically challenged can use. The loss of messages is too common, according to users of the electronic devices.

Messages can disappear when the battery is removed, or when there is damage to the device through water, dropping the phone or other damage. Sometimes a novice user will accidentally erase files, due to lack of knowledge about the device works. If the phone is lost or stolen, there may be missing text messages. Whatever the reason for the loss of data, iFoneMate provides a solution.

The iPhone data recovery software is known as iFoneMate. It is one of the best known professional software tools to recover deleted iPhone text messages. Sent messages are intended to remain in the storage area in the iPhone memory, however, the SMS text message disappears when it is erased. In this instance, the user can simply apply the iPhone data recovery software, iFoneMate and recover the lost data.

iPhone data recovery software-iFoneMate provides three different modes in order to recover lost text massage. Texts can be recovered using iOS devices directly, from iClouds backup or from iTunes backup. The procedure is simple to use, requiring only that the files be identified, captured and saved. The software itself is free-of-charge. Specific instructions are provided on the website.

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Person: Sales Manager Daisy
Company: Global Shareware
Address: 9600 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 101 Houston, Texas 77036
Telephone Number: (650) 206-2187
Website: or

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