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IM Media Buzz Article 1.1: Turning Fiction Into Reality on Gotham

IM Media Buzz Article 1.1: Turning Fiction Into Reality on Gotham

San Francisco, CA – Feburary 02, 2015 – No matter the movie or television show you’re excited about this summer, it is guaranteed that special effects are involved.

This doesn’t always mean fiery explosions and gunfire; some of the most important, yet subtle inclusions to a scene are done through the magic of green screens.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Fox released a popular crime drama, set in the fictional city of Gotham. Rather than constructing whole new sets for the city of Gotham, everything is shot in Manhattan.

In order to transform Manhattan into the grimy and corrupt city of Gotham, the producers utilize a variety of special effects and CGI. Given that Gotham is a melting pot of different timelines, there are a variety of special effects utilized to embrace these eras. This allows viewers to get the feel of the 1950s, vehicles of the late 70s and cell phone technology from the 2000s. All of these elements create a modern noir theme for the show.

For budgetary and timing reasons, the show runners use green screen and chroma key in many aspects of the show. The cars, for example, all utilize green screen. All these decade specific elements come together to create a world of its own that make a statement of the timelessness of the Batman franchise.

However, without the use of special effects, the city of Gotham would have taken weeks to set up and perform, which is out of the question when working under tight deadlines.

Green screen is an industry standard for many large productions. IM Media has taken this to heart by owning one of the largest green screen rooms in the Bay Area to create details that might not otherwise be easily achieved. During the production of our news video series, IM Media Buzz, we used a green screen background to achieve the streamlined, modern newsroom look.

You can even use green screen and chroma key to make your own cooking show! (Although it is not recommended).

Shooting against a green screen provides a lot of good creative options for use in post-production. They provide flexibility in dealing with multiple locations. Rather than developing a set in different locations, you can use a green screen environment. By using a green screen, you avoid having to wander around a set looking for props to add to the background. With these elements in mind, shooting against a green screen makes it worthwhile. Not only is green screen and CGI more efficient in providing various locations without the logistics, but it can also be set up in a way that can accommodate any budget. All you have to do is prep for it!

If you are looking to boost the quality of your own production in addition to graphic design and marketing services, IM Media Group can be the hero that you deserve! For more information on IM Media Group, you can visit our website at or you give us a call any time at 1(800)496-0130.

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