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Home » Technology » Revolutionizes The Way Backup Is Taken by Adding Phenomenal Transactional Approach, Security and Reliability Revolutionizes The Way Backup Is Taken by Adding Phenomenal Transactional Approach, Security and Reliability Revolutionizes The Way Backup Is Taken by Adding Phenomenal Transactional Approach, Security and Reliability has come up with the latest in the world of backup technology, as it offers flexibility and advanced security to the files of the users. By ensuring that the users are able to see the OS X backup and files of previous date easily, and allowing file transfer over FTP and SFTP faster than ever before, ImmortalFiles aims to enhance the productivity of the users, while also ensuring that the worries related to data loss and data security are gone forever. It is the only application available today that allows transfer and backup of 10 million or more files at the same time. And, since the process takes place with a transactional approach, one does not need to worry about data loss due to the connection, restarting backup due to power failure, and for any other circumstances that leads to backup progress being halted. As and when the user starts the backup process again, transfer and backup progress restarts from the point of error. Plus, the log records let the users know what went wrong, and why.

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The aim of the ImmortalFiles is to let you store your important files and data, forever. The company understands that the fear of data loss is high among the contemporary users, and rightly so. The cases of data loss are increasing and even though data recovery may help at times, it does not always lets you recover all the files. ImmortalFiles has a multi-dimensional approach when it comes to taking backup and offers data storage in more than several places at one time for the maximum security possible. This ensures that even though one of the storage server or device fails, other alternatives would still be having the backup.

ImmortalFile backup service is different from others, also because it supports numerous protocols for the data transfer from OpenStack Swift remote servers, backup to Google Drive , WebDav Backup, Mac Backup , and much more. The company also offers taking bootable backup in external hard disks. And, as the data is encrypted through AES265 algorithm, one can be sure that the data is safe and secure when choosing ImmortalFiles as their backup service provider. The company has been getting rave reviews from its growing clientele, because such flexibility, support and security are unparalleled in the contemporary market as of now.

The system also schedules, auto-scan for security loopholes and automated backups at regular intervals, ensuring that no files are missed. The easy-to-understand settings options allows users to choose which folders are to be sent for backup, and which files and folders to be skipped. It also allows users to retrieve locally deleted files, or restores files to its previous versions instantly.

About The Company has changed the dynamics of backup applications, as it has multi-dimensional approach and is highly advanced in terms of technology, offering features that are never seen before. Its user-friendly interface and highly intuitive features are designed and aligned with the requirements of the end users, providing flexibility and functionality that not only provides a comprehensive backup solution, but also value for money. Contact the company by filling the contact form at the company’s website or visit for more details.

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Immortal Files
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New York, NY 10022

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