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Impact of Existing and Emerging Evidence Collection Tubes Market Trends And Forecast 2016-2026

Impact of Existing and Emerging Evidence Collection Tubes Market Trends And Forecast 2016-2026

In any kind of crime or untoward incident, evidence from the scene can go a long way in helping law enforcement agencies understand and frame a coherent picture of what transpired. This can include fingerprints, saliva, blood, semen samples, tissues under human fingernails, hair fibres etc. which is then scientifically examined in a forensic laboratory. It can be critical in linking a suspect or perpetrator to a particular crime scene or victim. (In case of physical or sexual assault). This evidence must be handled with the utmost care as it can be easily contaminated with improper or direct handling. Ensuring that is the responsibility of the evidence collection tube market. It is said by law enforcement agencies that “A zero crime rate is a hypothetical situation.” Hence, there would also be some form of crime in every country, a highly efficient police force and incorruptible government notwithstanding. That is why the future of the evidence collection tubes market looks very promising indeed.

Evidence Collection Tubes MarketDrivers

The large, dynamic, fast growing economies of the Asia Pacific region and Latin America are expected to be the key drivers of the evidence collection tube market. Countries like China, UAE (Abu Dhabi) and South Africa have initiated massive DNA database programmes to keep a tab on crime and also keep a complete record of their citizens. The Dubai police is investing heavily in forensic technology/ services infrastructure and the required supplies and equipment to support it. This will also ensure a booming demand for evidence collection tubes market. In addition to the developing world, the companies making evidence collection tubes also have a steady demand in western countries.

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Evidence Collection Tubes MarketRestraints

Technological advancements have managed to reduce the unit cost of forensic analysis substantially, thus making it affordable to a greater proportion of the world’s laboratories. However, it is still relatively expensive for underfunded research facilities in the developing world, making it challenging for the evidence collection tube market to grow there. Lack of government funding and reimbursement in these countries for forensic analysis facilities is also a major issue which must be overcome. However, the long term prospects in both the developed and developing world are bright for the evidence collection tube market.

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Evidence Collection Tubes MarketKey Regions

North America and Europe are the largest present evidence collection tubes markets due to less corruption in both the government and law officials, a strong legal system to deter crime and also due to key technologies such as DNA profiling, Biometric/ fingerprint scanning and firearm identification being standardized and automated in these regions. This results in a lower cost on an end-to-end per case analysis and resolution basis. However, the Asia-Pacific countries like China, India, the UAE (Abu Dhabi), and South Africa have started massive DNA database programmes. This can be reasonably expected to sustain the evidence collection tube market in the medium to long term future.

Evidence Collection Tubes MarketKey Market Players 

Some companies involved in the evidence collection tubes market include Sirchie, Tritech Forensics, Arrowhead Forensics, I.D Technologies Engineering 360.

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