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iMyfone launches a powerful utility – iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone

iMyfone launches a powerful utility – iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone

Here comes the iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone! The best solution to solve the iPhone storage full problem! Until now, already thousands users experienced this remarkable program.

The excellent iMyfone Technology is a software developer devoting to satisfying iPhone users with their best products. Over millions of iPhone users spreading the world are using iMyfone products. iMyfone has got plenty highly recommend from millions of customers.

iPhone runs slower and slower? How to clear up space on iPhone? iPhone storage is filled with mass cache files after long time using. Not only the running speed is effected, but also the storage space. iPhone users can’t enjoy the iPhone with limited space. But with iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone, problem solved. It can clear storage on iPhone by junk files clean-up and lossless photo compression. The original photos will be automatically backed up to computer so users don’t need to worry the compression will ruin their photos.

“ To many iPhone users, they love taking photos when they feel like to share their daily life. Their photo space is easy to get full. Our product can perfectly solve this problem. The original photo will be compressed when users load it to social media. After compression by our software the photo has no difference from the one loaded to social media. So iPhone users can enjoy more space on iPhone without any deletion.” Says Mr Huang, the CEO of iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.

About iMyfone Technology
iMyfone Technology aims to provide professional solution and offer the best service to iOS device users. The most outstanding products of iMyfone Technology is Data Recovery for iPhone and Space Saver for iPhone. To know more, please visit their homepage.

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