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Indian Female Workforce in Need of Skills Enhancement

Indian Female Workforce in Need of Skills Enhancement

Luxury Academy launches initiative to train female executives to world standards.

New Delhi, Delhi, India, 01 December, 2014 — For all the vaunted achievements of India’s women professionals there is on the whole much need for soft skills enhancement by many in the Indian female workforce. According to Paul Russell, Director Trainings of the UK headquartered Luxury Academy, who has interacted extensively with a cross section of the Indian corporate workforce; Indian women employees could accelerate their careers with world class training and by doing so, catch up with male colleagues in terms of salary and progression, thereby strengthening the percentage of female professionals in senior leadership roles.

Says Paul, “Looking at the extraordinary achievements of outstanding Indian women leaders like the late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Kiran Bedi and so many others, I was surprised to find during the course of my interactions with both Indian men and women engaged in various economic sectors, that there is still some subtle discrimination directed at women in workplaces. There are different social expectations and pressures for female employees, not normally encountered by their male counterparts that can at times affect their levels of motivation. Though mostly inadvertent it could possibly have an impact on their job performance and subsequent career growth.”

Whilst just as educated and competent as their male counterparts, Indian women are still not achieving as much as they could. Though there is a concerted effort to encourage mentoring and development within corporate organizations there is a definite need of a dedicated and focused training program that allows women to achieve a full 100% of their potential on par with their male colleagues.

Paul suggests that Indian female employees are in most cases as ambitious and driven as their male co-workers, but many are still unsure how to really drive their development potential forward. This can be effectively changed by proper training that is both in consonance with latest techniques in use in most western countries and sufficiently customized to take care of the special needs of the Indian female workforce.

Luxury Academy, which has had a strong presence in India for quite some time, has decided to embark on a series of training workshops for female professionals across Indian cities and towns in 2015. This will start with a two day program in Mumbai in February of that year, which will be open to female professionals, employed in the city. Day one of the training will be about inculcating leadership skills and developing the ability to be assertive professionals. Day two will help them sharpen and enhance their communication skills, as also their skills to influence people.

This will be but a first small step to embark as part of an extensive outreach program which will see them reach out to as many Indian women professional as is possible. There are plans to follow this up with many similar training programs, which will be incrementally made more affordable in terms of the pricing.

Paul hopes to train a large number of Indian women through the year, so as to create a sizeable number of highly trained and motivated Indian women who can then go on to influence others to take steps to better their skills and improve their ability to rise through the ranks. This is imperative at a time when the whole world looks to India to power the growth of the world economy, and it just can’t be hampered by the possible lack of ability of half of its productive workforce.

About Luxury Academy:
The Luxury Academy is a private British training company established in 2012 that specialises in Leadership, Communication and Business Etiquette training. It was founded by Paul Russell and Shanine Jajh, both with extensive senior leadership backgrounds in the luxury market. Director biographies can be found at

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