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New Trends of Feed Premix Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2025

Future Market Insights

Feed premix generally refers to enriched mixtures of biologically dynamic substances that are synthesized chemically and microbiologically to increase the nutritious value of feeds in order to improve its effect on farm animals while preventing them from various health related disorder. It is a substance that is mixed with two or more ingredients during early stages of the manufacturing process ... Read More »

FMI Releases New Report on the Ice-cream and Frozen Dessert Market 2015-2025

Future Market Insights

Ice-cream and frozen dessert belongs to frozen food industry. Ice-cream and frozen dessert are primarily consumed after meal or served as a refreshment and can be enjoyed between the meal courses.  Ice-cream and frozen dessert are mainly made up of milk and cream, and often combined with fruits, nuts and flavours. Rising consumer disposable income coupled with increasing inclination of ... Read More »

Good Growth Opportunities in Global Infant Formula Market Till 2025

Future Market Insights

Infant formulas are food products which are designed to deliver the nutritional needs to infants who are under one year old. Infant formula includes concentrated liquids, powders and ready-to-use forms. Various types of infant formulas are available for infants younger than 12 months old who do not drinking breast milk. Infant formulas vary in calorie count, taste, nutrients, ability to ... Read More »

Emerging Opportunities in Alcohol Market with Current Trends Analysis

Future Market Insights

Alcohols are the intoxicating beverage consisting of spirits, wine and beer. It is defined by the alcohol content and the major raw material used in it. For instance, spirits are mainly made by fermenting grains and sugar, whereas wine is made by fermenting fruits/berries. Indian alcohol market has been flourishing since 2001 and registered growth between 7-12% till 2011 when ... Read More »

Global Krill Oil Market is Expected to Reach US$ 703.0 Mn By 2022 : PMR


According to a latest market report titled “Global Market Study on Krill Oil: Effective than Other Marine Oils since Safer, Healthier, More Potent and More Absorbable” published by Persistence Market Research, the krill oil market has been estimated to be valued at US$ 300.7 Mn by the end of 2015, and is expand at a CAGR of 12.9% from 2015 ... Read More »

An Investor’s Guide into Understanding the Instant Noodle Industry and Setting Up an Instant Noodle Manufacturing Plant


The study examines the key trends in the global instant noodle market and analyses all the major requirements for setting-up an instant noodle manufacturing plant. Aspects such as raw material requirements and their mass balance, production process, incomes, expenditures, cash flow, profitability, etc. has been thoroughly examined in this report. IMARC’s latest study “Instant Noodle Market – Industry Trends, Manufacturing ... Read More »

Pan Masala Market – An Investor’s Guide For Setting Up a Pan Masala Manufacturing Plant


This report provides a deep insight into the pan masala market and the requirements for setting up a pan masala manufacturing plant. This includes factors such as industry trends, growth, market structure, manufacturing process, raw material requirements, incomes, expenditures, cash flow, regulations, taxation, return on investments, etc. IMARC’s latest study “Pan Masala Market – Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Plant Setup, ... Read More »

Wheat Starch Market – Industry Trends, Production Process, Machinery Requirements, Costs and Revenues


A new prefeasibility report published by IMARC Group provides a robust analysis on the global wheat starch market. The study that has been undertaken using desk-based as well as qualitative primary research provides an analysis on the various aspects required to start and run a wheat starch processing plant. This includes market trends, manufacturers, raw materials, production processes, labour, utilities, ... Read More »

Animal Vaccines Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020


Vaccines make animals disease-immune for a particular disease. In biological terms, vaccination against a particular pathogen aims to mimic the development of naturally acquired immunity by inoculation of non-pathogenic but immunogenic components of that pathogen. Animal vaccines market is dominated by production animals due to increasing global consumption of meat and milk products. The animal vaccines market can be segmented ... Read More »

Cattle Feed and Feed additives Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020


Cattle feed and feed additives are used for improving the quality of feed to enhance yield and overall cattle’s health. Cattle feed are gaining popularities mainly due to the enhance performance and increasing application such as growth promoter, prevention and cure of diseases and for improving feed digestibility in cattle. Based on animal type, the global cattle feed market is ... Read More »