Sunday , 22 January 2017
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Carol Joy London; the brand behind the Palazzo Versace Dubai’s most luxurious spa treatments.


The luxury Palazzo Versace Dubai is one of the many hotels springing up throughout the United Arab Emirates. The vast development opened in 2015 after a lengthy construction covering almost 1.4 million square feet on the banks of Dubai Creek, and forms the central feature of the Culture Village area, heralded the ‘new centre’ of Dubai. The Palazzo Versace Dubai ... Read More »

Ups and Downs of Unlimited Holiday Packages


Hardy, VA; 27, August 2015: In last few days Microsoft, Adobe, and Netflix have announced important changes to their maternity leave plan. Netflix, for example, offers the so called “unlimited” maternity leave until the child is one year old for both mothers and fathers. While this might sound like something unique and unusual, actually this practice is becoming a standard ... Read More »