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Rising Government Investments to Boost Construction Industry in Colombia in the Coming Years

Market Research Hub

Albany, New York, January 12, 2017: The rapid expansion of the construction sector in Colombia has given a positive growth to the market. Due to the government investments, country’s construction industry will continue to expand in real terms over the forecast period, studied by Timetric’s new report added to the wide database of Market Research Hub (MRH). This study is ... Read More »

Look your dream home in Lely Resort Real Estate

lely condos

So, you’re looking for a home that is in in ideal location and also that is designed to suit needs of a modern family and that you can buy without draining all your savings. Where should you start your search for a beautiful home? If you go to a realtor and ask him to show home of your dream, a ... Read More »

Why Lely Resort homes are called perfect homes?

lely resort

Factors that home buyers should look into include location, condition and features. Price is certainly a concern but it shouldn’t be the prime concern. A home is more than a brick-and-mortar building. It is a dream-come-true; a place to rest, relax and stay put. Every buyer has a home in his mind and he searches options that match with the ... Read More »

Why are buyers choosing condos for sale in Lely Resort FL?

lely condos

What are the factors that a home buyer should consider while exploring the real estate market for homes that suit to his needs? If you are a buyer and looking for the perfect home, which factors will you consider and why?  Location It should be the first and the most important consideration as location can either increase or reduce value ... Read More »

Realtor Beverly Taki Publishes a New White Paper on the Financial Benefits of Purchasing Real Estate in January 2017


Interest rates are on the rise and there is no better time to purchase a home than in the current economic climate. In a new white paper, available to potential St. Louis area home buyers, St Louis Realtor Beverly Taki explains four reasons to purchase a home in January, 2017. St Louis, MO, United States, January 06, 2017 — Many ... Read More »

Matrix Investor Network Bullish on 2017 Phoenix Real Estate Investing


The Matrix Investor Network is going to echo, the Phoenix Business Journal and the Arizona Republic by saying that the Phoenix, Arizona Housing Market is going to be the strongest in the country for 2017. For many current home buyers, the time seems “right” because jobs are rebounding, with interest rates still near historic lows, and monthly mortgage payments ... Read More »

What makes Lely Resort condos more desirable than others?

lely condos

Sales of Lely Resort condos are higher than sales in others communities for two reasons: Lely Resort is one of the premiere developments in Naples and buyers have a superior selection of condos in all price ranges.   With living areas extending up to 3,000 SF and prices starting from $200, 000, plenty of luxuries including two public golf courses ... Read More »

Property valuation rates and tax affected Property schemes in Pakistan


Lahore, Pakistan; 16, December 2016: FBR in collaboration with real estate attorneys have refreshedthe report of recent property taxes budget for 2016-2017. The property taxes have been updated for more than 16 countries including Lahore. Taxes behaves as a source of revenue for all central and local government. Government performs a specific or particular value of property due to which ... Read More »

Realtor Beverly Taki’s Blog Explains Title Insurance To Prospective New Home Buyers


Purchasing a home is one of the most expensive and important purchases a home owner will make. Understanding the pitfalls of the loan process will make the process smooth. Experienced Realtor Beverly Taki explains Title Insurance to first time home buyers in a series of blog posts. St. Louis, MO, December 09, 2016 — Beverly Taki, a Real Estate Agent ... Read More »

Matrix Donating Space for Guest Meetup Events


Phoenix real estate investing academy, the Matrix, is now donating space for potential Meetup Events to be held. The Matrix headquarters is a 30,000 sq ft office building in downtown Phoenix right by the airport. The idea to allow some of the unused space to be utilized for holding Phoenix Meetups comes from the credo of the Matrix which is ... Read More »