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Redemption Outcry International Unveils Exceptional Transformational Spiritual Services: Consultation, Healing, Mentorship/ Coaching and Dream Interpretation

Prophet Yaw

Monroeville, Pennsylvania; 20, June 2016: It is evident how people commonly experience frustration, depression, and the feeling of being trapped by life’s circumstances which cause them to believe that they cannot become successful in life. Some people genuinely want to have a new beginning and a makeover in mind, soul and spirit, others want to reach theirhighest potential. With a ... Read More »

Lifeandpeople provides an in-depth knowledge to all the questions of spirituality


India; 06, October 2015: Buddhism is one of the oldest religions on Earth. Today it has spread in different parts of the world and there are huge followers of Buddhism. It is important to have proper understanding the goals of one’s own religion and read the teachings of the people who started this religion. One of the sites providing all ... Read More »

Bikers Draw Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in Phoenix


A group of Armed Bikers in Phoenix have decided to draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as a sequel to the Garland event, and want to march in front of the mosque. Muslims have decided not to react and instead pray for a safe, sane and secure America. Dallas, Texas, May 29, 2015 — Mike Ghouse of America Together Foundation, ... Read More »