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India’s First Crowd Sourced News Platform for Social Issues Launches on International Women’s Day

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  New Delhi; 09, March 2017: Very often, a relevant news or story doesn’t get the coverage that it deserves. The entire news reporting mechanism in India seems to be geared for sensational news that would fetch high TRP ratings. This is the reason why a deserving news story often fails to get the viewership it merits. To address this ... Read More »

Edward Snowden: Super News, Data! Donald Trump, Anatoliy Golod Plan Good World.


26, January 2017: Many people think: what new in information from Edward Snowden. The fact, that CIA talks bad about Snowden, is just usual perfomance to do so, that public think that he has robbed their data (in fact, Snowden just gave information, what CIA need to give). Did you think what data Snowden gave to society? Security services do ... Read More »

To Improve Economics! Central Intelligence Universe Agency. Guides, Cyber Bios

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Actual for all countries to make good economics: it is necessary take attention to do all telephone calls will come to addressees; because bad organizations (which earn when economics problems) have big network in many countries for blocking advertising calls to many companies: different percent (10 to 100) for different companies, but almost for every company (bad structures use it ... Read More »

Hand of a Leader Tour Gives Haircuts, Food & Clothing to Less Fortunate In Florida


West Palm Beach, FL; 08, December 2016: Bonezdagoat & The Local Brand present “The Hand of a Leader Tour,” which focuses on giving back to the homeless across the State of Florida. The tour will run from December 4-10, 2016. A variety of hair professionals will travel throughout the state cutting hair for the homeless alongside barber Corey Sturkey, “BONEZ ... Read More »

Meet the Most Reliable Waterproofing Contractor in Toronto


Toronto, Canada, September 22, 2016 — DryShield Water Solution Corp, Canada’s largest waterproofing contractor with 25 years of industrial experience, is much acclaimed for their exceptional quality, work integrity, and customer satisfaction. DryShield is a basement waterproofing and crack repair company based in the Toronto area. They are nonpareil and have been the benchmark for waterproofing companies for the last ... Read More »

Housemate, Flat-mate, Roommate, dan Kost-mate, find housemate in indonesia, sharing living, sharing flat

Dalam kesempatan kali ini, akan mencoba mengulas mengenai perbedaan -housemate, flat-mate, roommate dan Kost-mate. Keempat istilah diatas memang masih terdengar asing di telinga kita. Bukan karena kita tidak mengetahui arti harafiah dari istilah-istilah tersebut, namun lebih kepada aplikasi di kehidupan nyata. Hal ini penting untuk dibahas supaya menhindari salah kaprah atau salah persepsi saat kamu beriklan di Yuk, ... Read More »

Rising Frequency of Home Renovation Activities Stimulate Demand for Mattresses

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Albany, New York: The global mattress market features a moderate level of consolidation, with the top three companies accounting for more than half of the overall market in 2015, observes a recent report by TMR. Sealy Corporation, Simmons Bedding Company LLC, and Serta, Inc., the leading three vendors in the global mattress market, thus command a prominent position in the market and ... Read More »

The Dutch Translation of ‘Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj’ is Now Available From Amazon


‘Zelfloos Zelf: Gesprekken Mit Shri Ramakant Maharaj’ is an important book from the Self-Realized Master, Shri Ramakant Maharaj who spent nearly twenty years with the legendary Master, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 20, 2016 — The Dutch edition of Selfless Self has just been published. Zelfloos Zelf is very much the logical continuation of Maurice Frydman’s book of Nisargadatta’s ... Read More »

GREET A BROTHER – THANK A COP: A practical solution to the biggest issue in the media today.

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Atlanta, GA, July 19, 2016 – Hotep, President and Founder of Hustle University, is a controversial speaker but usually silent on matters of politics. Today, he does what he does best, offer a solution. “After all of the melee and the events occurring in the media, I felt the necessity [to share a solution for the unrest between the community ... Read More »

Who is Managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton? Reposting This News You Can Help to Improve The World!

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Momentous news for publication, for TV news. You can make the news, using this press release, you can repost press release on news web sites, in social media web sites. We remmember popular question “Who is Mr.Putin?”. But today the most popular question will be “Who is managing Mrs.Clinton?” There is even the information that quite possible that Hillary Clinton ... Read More »