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The Latest from Lao Hollywood – Grandmaster John Olivier has arrived!

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15, October 2016: Lao Hollywood is truly excited to announce that world-renowned Grandmaster John Olivier will be appearing in its latest martial arts action romance movie John Kincaid Unleashed. In his first big screen appearance, Grandmaster Olivier showcases his over five decades of martial arts experience in Shorinji Kempo, Shorinji Ryu Jiujitsu, Judo, Aikido, and Kyokushinkai Karate. As a young ... Read More »

Don’t afraid Traffic jam, electric scooter will help you

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the electric self balancing scooter has become the puzzle of the national fitness, exercise, the electric self balancing scooter is a power driven, with self balancing ability of personal vehicle, which is suitable for urban transportation, is a new type of transportation has never been applied to individual traffic. Work, patrol, indoor ... Read More »

What concerns you most before you buy Self balancing scooter ?

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In twenty-first Century, the development of science and technology is very fast, now have many choices to travel to work. The Self Balancing Scooter is one of the more practical portable transport of. However, consumers must pay attention when purchase the balance car, do not buy a bad balance car. What you need to pay attention to before you buy Self balancing scooter ? Now the sale ... Read More »

How to pick a good smart self balancing scooter?


With the rapid development of science and technology, a new type of short distance transport – the smart self balancing scooter into the people’s vision, a new era of choice for young people. But the balance scooters types on the market range, as consumers, how should we judge whether it is good or bad? Here you don’t worry about this, ... Read More »

How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?


How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard? The Battery of Self balancing scooter is the most important component need to pay attention upon. Well-maintained battery may still in good performance during use 2 ~ 3 million kilometers; and bad-maintained battery may appear shortage of capacity or damaged after a use of few months. Please do your best to extend your battery ... Read More »

Daily maintenance of two wheel self balancing scooter k5

The best quality two wheel self balancing scooter supplier

Two wheel self-balancing hoverboard’s main operation principle is based on “dynamic stability”, ie the vehicle itself would find it balance automatically. To Sense the posture of the vehicle via built-in precision solid-state gyroscope and to calculate appropriate instructions through sophisticated and high-speed CPU in order to drive the motor to achieve a balanced effect. The two axis control each side ... Read More »

KOOWHEEL Hoverboard K5 gives you a different experience

hoverboard K5

The riding is not over pedal domination, and the traditional motorcycle and Electric vehicle are appear. As a personal transport, speed is there, but the pollution problem has become the center of conflict. KOOWHEEL Hoverboard scooter K5 bring people to a new vision, energy saving and low carbon, to make an example on green travel. Travel tools experience the thousands ... Read More »

Koowheel Electric Skateboard daily maintenance

Four wheels scooter hoverboard skateboard scooter

First of all, wheels are extremely necessary for E-skateboard. Therefore regular checking and maintenance are required for wheels. Especially wheel components should be sensed by hands for its firmness regularly. Way to do it is to shaking wheel along the axis of the wheel, if components shakes then it is considered as loose phenomenon. In order to ensure the safety ... Read More »

Don’t make these mistakes before you buy a hoverboard

Koowheel hoverboard K6 smart scooter robot butler

Whether you are a green hand that want to purchase a smart self balancing scooter or novice, want the old driver, in the face of many models, many brands, are in need of some misunderstanding alert when Car Buying, so as not to buy satisfactory car. Below, by the KOOWHEEL company’s suggestion. Don’t buy it at a glance No matter ... Read More »

The Report about hoverboard outage people falling down

The world's best hoverboard electric skateboard smart balance scooter

First, the motor problem 1.A serious shortage of motor power Electric balance scooters is different than other forms of vehicles, motor power has two functions: (1) maintain the speed and acceleration; (2) to maintain the balance. The power required to maintain the balance is greater than the power required. For example, the electric bicycle motor is only used to maintain ... Read More »