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Fosjoas Self-Balancing Gyroscopic Electric Scooter Make a Contribution to Realize Low-Carbon Life


26, August 2015: Nowadays, rapid economic growth creates some problems, especially the serious environmental pollutions. Low-carbon lifestyle is an eco-friendly and civilized way of life. Low-carbon means to reduce CO2 emissions. And it represents the interaction between human beings and the nature is healthier, safer and more natural. Today, this green trend has rapidly swept around the world and unconsciously ... Read More »

Fosjoas Intelligent Fastest Self-Balancing Electric Scooters Show Intelligence Everywhere


26, August 2015: Since Moben Global Inc. rolled out the first Fosjoas self-balancing scooter, it has aroused people’s concern. Fosjoas electric scooters are the first intelligent hi-tech vehicles in today’s society. The company applies many high technologies to produce Fosjoas scooters. At first, based on the theory of “homeostasis”, Fosjoas electric scooters achieve self-balancing ability. It mainly estimates the position ... Read More »

Fosjoas Smart Personal Self-Balancing Scooter K3 Give Users a Pair of Wings


26, August 2015: In ancient times, when human beings looked up the birds in the sky, they wondered how and when they could fly like birds. Since Brother Wright invented the first plane in the year 1903, human beings’ dream of flying has come true. In the new age, Moben Global Inc. rolled out a kind of intelligent vehicle-Fosjoas electric ... Read More »

The Choice of the New Generation – Fosjoas Intelligent Personal Transporter Self-Balancing Scooter


26, August 2015: With the rapid development of economic society, people’s material life has become richer. Instead of feeding and clothing themselves, the new generation is pursuing the satisfaction of the spiritual life. Joseph Clarks is an ordinary middle school student. Since he owned a Fosjoas twin-wheeled scooter V5, his student’s life has totally been changed. Thus, as a brand ... Read More »

Take Fosjoas Standing Self-Balancing Scooter, Take the Beauty in Life


26, August 2015: It’s a human nature that people are fond of beauty. Everybody is born with a heart for beauty. With the fast development of network, many people prefer staying at home and spending their leisure time online. But they should know that the beauty online is illusory and unrealistic. They’d better find beautiful sceneries around them. At this ... Read More »

Enhanced stakeholder collaboration: major focus of the 2015 Middle East Pharma Cold Chain Congress

Middle East Pharma Cold Chain Congress

  Dubai, UAE: 18 August 2015 – After a successful launch last year, the Middle East Pharma Cold Chain Congress is back with more industry experts presenting timely and valuable information on the hottest issues and topics the pharmaceutical cold chain industry faces today.   The congress commences on October 12 – 15, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in ... Read More »

Black and White Travel Opens a Website

Black and White Travels

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Company: Black and White Iceland Luxury Travel Contact: Stefan Thorisson Address: Dalvegur 22, 201 Kópavogur Iceland Telephone Number: +354 660 6161 Email: Black and White Travel opens a website. The company is a deluxe travel service for their valued visitors who want to experience the real and revealing beauty of Iceland. For those people who are ... Read More »

10 Million and Counting Taxiforsure Enabling Millions to Enjoy the Convenience of Taxi Rides


TaxiForSure, the taxi service provider that is soon becoming the brand of choice for millions of Indians to commute, crossed the 10 million rides milestone, today! The company that began operations in Bangalore is now present in 52 cities across India and offers the most economical ride with rides starting at just INR 49. Bangalore, Karnataka, India, May 22, 2015 ... Read More »

Claim Flights – The New Partner for Air Passenger Rights

ClaimFlights 24012015

Only one in four air passengers are acquainted with this important piece of air passenger rights legislation and only one in twenty actually demand compensation. Claim Flights offers a brand new service portal, committed to informing passengers about their rights and helping them to make a hassle-free claim. Germany, May 26, 2015 — Whether travelling for business or pleasure, flight ... Read More »

Rohlig Gains United Kingdom Warehousing Association Membership


Röhlig has obtained the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) membership. Highest minimum standards in warehousing confirmed for UK warehouse operations in Solihull-West Midlands (Birmingham). Solihull-West Midlands, Birmingham, UK, December 03, 2014 — Röhlig has obtained the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) membership for one of its UK warehouse operations in Solihull-West Midlands (Birmingham) where its UK headquarters are located. Röhlig underwent a ... Read More »