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Instagram Is Growing Past Facebook and Twitter

Instagram Is Growing Past Facebook and Twitter

29, September 2015: There are many social media sites available. Two of the most popular are Facebook and Twitter. However, there’s another social media site that has gaining steam on all the others. Instagram, the photo and video social networking site founded in 2010, has passed 400 million users as the young shun tweets.

Each social networking site will have its demographics. Studies have found that the young people (teens to mid-20s) love Instagram.

What is Instagram? It’s a site that focuses more on images or videos than words. Twitter gives users the ability to post the written word in 140 characters. Facebook does the same thing but with no limit on the characters. Both sites are popular for photos and videos too. However, Instagram’s brand is the visual. When you think of photos, you think of Instagram.

It’s a site that’s perfect for young people because young people love their mobile and smart phones. Indeed, look at any young person and chances are their cell phone is close. It’s a 21st-century phenomenon. Mobile phones have changed our world. All a person has to do is take a photo and then instantly share it on Instagram. Due to a large number of people on Instagram, that photo is instantly seen by hundreds and even thousands of people. For those looking for a lot of free instagram followers, can be helpful.

However, similar to Twitter, Instagram is a site where hashtags can be included. Hashtags allow for real-time follow of a particular post or photo. Therefore, choosing hashtags carefully is strongly recommended when using them.

Mentions and tags are also a big part of Instagram. When used, they allow for the content to be seen by the maximum number of people possible.

Although Instagram is beloved by the young, you don’t have to be a young person to take advantage of the popular social medium.

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