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Intellectsoft’s Developers Look Forward to Building Apps for Apple Watch

Intellectsoft’s Developers Look Forward to Building Apps for Apple Watch

Intellectsoft’s specialists is getting ready to leverage a toolkit that helps them build applications for Apple Watch
With the release of Apple Watch on November 18, 2014, Intellectsoft’s developers are getting prepared to engineer their own applications for the Apple’s innovation. The company’s iOS development specialists are looking forward to exploit advantages of toolkits that help them develop tailored application for Apple Watch.
Apple’s developers are getting ready to provide users with native applications for Apple Watch that will give access to extended functionality of the innovative product. Other advanced features of Apple Watch are available via actionable notifications and glances. WatchKit Apps, native applications for Apple’s product, feature an iPhone-based extension and a range of interfaces. WatchKit is installed on iPhone devices and allows for immediate user’s access to the app interface. By receiving notifications about mobile phone activities via Apple Watch, users can extend time of smartphone autonomous operation.
“Intellectsoft’s developers have skills and expertise to develop a highly tailored application for Apple Watch and incorporate it with necessary functionality. The company’s developers know how to get most of new-generation mobile development technologies and optimize them to operate on Apple Watch”, – comments Intellectsoft’s representative.
Intellectsoft a forward-thinking team of business analysts and developers to implement a solution for Apple Watch from start to finish, covering idea analysis, application design and development to quality testing and further software maintenance.
Apple Watch is a new generation of portable devices that keep users connected, healthy, sporty and according to schedule. It combines a broad range of useful features for daily use within a single product.
About the company:
Intellectsoft is the US and UK software engineering company providing custom mobile development to small businesses, start-ups and large corporations. The company is Microsoft and Oracle Partner.
Intellectsoft LLC
900 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 100
Campbell, CA 95008
T: +1 (408) 879 7338
T: +1 (855) TOP DEVS

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