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IntelliMedia Networks Acquires River Silica Technologies

IntelliMedia Networks Acquires River Silica Technologies

Leesburg, Virginia; 21, January 2016: IntelliMedia Networks, Inc. a market innovator in cloud-based video distribution solutions has today announced the acquisition of 100% interest in River Silica Technologies.

IntelliMedia Networks develops software-defined cloud and onsite video distribution solutions focused on businesses, education, and the government markets. The solutions enable customers to offer video on multiple screens to simplify training, stream live video of any event globally, or process video files for viewing on any screen.

“The market for video delivery is now a mission critical application for most customers. We believe that vendors like ourselves have to offer a full range of video distribution capabilities so that our customers can get the benefits of scalability, flexibility and performance from a single vendor to achieve their goals.” said Teodros Gessesse, Chief Executive Officer of IntelliMedia Networks. “With the acquisition of River Silica, we can now provide competitively priced full suite of solutions for on premise, cloud based or virtualized video distribution with market leading capabilities.”

The acquired company River Silica Technologies, is an India-based leading software-defined hardware engineering firm designing and manufacturing innovative video encoding, transcoding, reflection, storage and distribution hardware products. River Silica’s hardware solutions stack up to market leaders in the global video distribution hardware market utilizing key features that simplify the process of video encoding. “We had realized that in order to serve our customers well, we needed to complete our distribution ecosystem by adding a cloud-based platform. Our combined solution now positions us to be a key player with market-leading capabilities both in our traditional broadcast, IPTV and OTT markets as well as new opportunities that can leverage hardware and software solutions.” said Jagannathan Balaji, CEO, founder and president of River Silica Technologies. Combined with IntelliMedia Network’s Synergy Cloud Platform™ product, the complete hardware and software solution will provide:

A tightly-integrated turnkey solution that will process and manage both live and on demand video distribution behind the firewall and over the public internet packaged as a subscription, a virtualized deployment, or a white label engagement.

A software definable scalable hardware architecture that provides advanced features with the horsepower to handle a variety of requests.

Elegant management interface that provides a complete view and access to schedule, define and manage operations remotely.

“There are significant advantages to customers when we architect and develop a tightly-integrated system. This acquisition lets us combine our ninth generation cloud video platform and extensive video technologies specific development and deployment expertise with a software defined hardware technology that will complement our platform’s capabilities well.” said Darshan Sedani, Chief Operations Officer and founder of IntelliMedia Networks.

About IntelliMedia Networks:

IntelliMedia Networks was founded in 2010 focused on developing and deploying enterprise class video distribution platforms for businesses. The company’s leadership and engineering expertise extends to two decades of experience in building video distribution projects and platforms for a wide range of applications. IntelliMedia solutions provide scalability, flexibility and enhanced performance to deliver high quality video for turnkey, cloud based or virtualized deployment business models. IntelliMedia’s solutions are in use by the hospitality industry, manufacturers, broadcasters, IPTV service providers, government agencies, schools and news media outlets. Current investors that are joining IntelliMedia Networks as part of the acquisition include Exfinity Technology Fund and Ojas. The company is headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia with offices in Los Angeles, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India, and in Yokohama-city, Japan.

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