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Intox- Detox™ Invades the Conch Republic in Key West

Intox- Detox™ Invades the Conch Republic in Key West

Port St. Lucie, FL – Started in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Intox- Detox has traveled all across America distributing samples of their new product. “From Southern California and Las Vegas to the nation’s capital in Washington DC, we are on a national tour to educate consumers about our amazing product. There truly is nothing like it currently on the market. Now we are headed to Key West to do it Jimmy Buffett style!” says Mr. Bennett. The Intox- Detox™ team traveled to the Florida Keys February 5th through 9th in order to spread the word and toast a few island drinks with the “movers and shakers” of Key West. Intox- Detox™ is clinically researched and clinically dosed, meaning the amounts of the ingredients are based on real human research. Says Mr. Bennett:

“We didn’t want to be just another marketing company in the alcohol detoxification market. We all know that alcohol can causes a hangover . People want real solutions, but they keep getting burned by over-hyped products. We don’t want to dupe the consumer; we want to help them and create lifelong customers. It’s a little more expensive to do things the right way, but that’s a risk we are willing to take.”

The mornings after can be painful. And it only gets worse with age. In particular, women are lacking in their ability to detoxify alcohol, which is why they experience far worse hangovers. However, none of the products on the market actually address the real cause of one of the civilized world’s oldest problems. The problem is a compound known as acetylaldehyde. Our bodies have an enzyme in the liver that breaks down the alcohol into this poisonous metabolite. Miraculously, our body also produces Glutathione, which attaches to the pesky acetylaldehyde, marking it for detoxification and removal in the liver. The bad news is the source of Glutathione is exhausted easily when alcohol is consumed, especially in women. Acetylaldehyde builds up in the body, damaging cells and making you feel awful the next day. The ingredients in Intox- Detox are Japanese Raisin, Setria® Glutathione, Green tea and Ginseng. According to , they all work in their own ways to help the body detox, recover and protect. More specifically, Setria® Glutathione neutralizes the poisonous substance in the bloodstream and Japanese raisin increases the amount of liver enzymes which are required to break it down. The result is Intox- Detox™, a product that you take before drinking to both feel better the next morning and protect your body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

There are numerous other products in the market claiming to give you respite from the pain and misery of the “hangover”. Mr. Bennett warns: “Don’t be fooled by products containing B vitamins, electrolytes and large doses of caffeine. Sure, your body needs some of these things, but they do nothing to address the root cause of the problem. And as for over-priced sources of caffeine, they merely cover up the symptoms. Your body still has to eliminate the poisons before you can feel better. Intox-Detox is the only product on the market that you take BEFORE you drink to do just that, prevent the misery by accelerating the detox and helping to mitigate the damage to your body in the process.”

Bar-goers can pick up a free sample of Intox- Detox™ at various watering holes in Key West. However, if you are stuck on the mainland, you can head over to the Intox- Detox™ website to get a sample shipped right to your front door, anywhere in the US for only $2.50. To learn more about Intox- Detox™ visit . Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #bettertomorrow to be entered to win free Intox-Detox product and apparel.

About Intox- Detox:

Founded in January of 2014, Intox- Detox addresses one of the civilized world’s oldest problems, the negative after effects of drinking alcohol, with real science. It’s a potent combination of traditional Chinese medicine and the latest ground- breaking dietary supplement science.

Andrew Bennett, CEO
1391 NW St. Lucie West Blvd. #204
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

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