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Introducing – One Stop Destination for Antiques, 20th & 21st Century Items

Introducing – One Stop Destination for Antiques, 20th & 21st Century Items

Decorative Collective is a UK based company where one can find dealers of the finest of decorative items and furnishings for one’s home. They have dealers selling everything from jewelry and other fashion items to art and sculptures for home décor that include lithographs, etchings, wall decorations and frames, drawings, paintings, garden furniture like benches, chairs, outdoor lightings and fireplace furnishings as well as mirrors and other lighting and furniture products. One can even find lucrative antiques to add to their collection from Decorative Collective.

Decorative Collective is an online antique selling website which were started in January 2009. They had a humble beginning with a simple, single webpage website and have now grown to be a highly popular and well established website connecting interior designer, furniture dealers and private clients from all over the globe.

At Decorative Collective one can find all kinds of items like designer jewelry, arts and sculptures, fashion items, textiles, furnishings, lightings, mirrors, garden chairs, benches, conservatory items, chandeliers, finials, clock faces, tables and sets, lampshades, floor lamps, lanterns, outdoor lights, urns and containers and many more.

As suggested by the company founders, they started Decorative Collective with the aim to introduce people to the various professional UK and European antique dealers in a simple and trusted environment. In their website one can hope to find classic antique items as well as modern day 21st and 20th century items as well. What sets this website apart is the fact that clients looking to buy items purchase them directly through the members of the site and do not have to pay any commission or contact any third party. They have more than 400 to 600 new items added each week but they endeavor to keep their website simple so as to not overwhelm their clients. The company representatives also said that their member dealers associated with their website have expertise in shipping items throughout the globe and do not mind the distance at all. The way the site works is, they showcase the items the various dealers have on sale in and around UK and Europe on their website for clients to choose from and then connect them to the dealer for the purchase.

About The Company

The company Decorative Collective was found on January 2009 with the view to cater to clients with contacts with experienced and reputed dealers from UK and Europe. Their single page website was soon expanded to a bigger scale to accommodate the large number of dealers who began to join the site with its growing popularity. Today being one of the most popular online antique sites, Decorative Collective still remains true to its roots by focusing its main attention on items for sale and to device new ways to help serve their clients better.

Jane Walton
Decorative Collective Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)1798 815572

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